Black People Politics : Charlottesville - State of Emergency - Violence - Unite the Right rally


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Jun 7, 2016
Good points Senegal,

Also, a form of Reparations was passed in Charlottesville, which I'm sure ticked off White nationalist Richard Spencer and "Unite the Right" movement, organizer Jason Kessler.

Charlottesville VA Backs "Reparations" Fund for Black Residents & Votes to Sell Robert E. Lee Statue

... And in the midst of all of this, we also got an equity package passed, which I presented in January, before we had our first vote—and it was unanimously passed—which gave us $950,000 to our African American Heritage Center, $250,000 to build onto one of the parks in the local African-American community, we got $2.5 million to public housing redevelopment, $50,000 annually for anyone who lives in public housing to get free GEDtraining, another $50,000 to anyone who lives 80 percent below the AMI, which is the annual median income, as well as public housing, to have scholarships of sorts to go to our local community college. We got a position for black male achievement, which we’re calling a youth opportunity coordinator; so, I mean, in all, in all, it was about $4 million, basically, from funding, put specifically into marginalized communities to help bridge the gap and create equity ...




This is great. A drop in the bucket but great nonetheless.


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Feb 9, 2001
Maybe it's just me being hyper-critical but words are important and how they are used can make all the difference in the world. I see where people are calling the evil that is upon us, "White Nationalists." That is so politically correct to me when in my opinion, they are simply RACISTS. Why are people resistant to using racist to describe sick minded people who believe in racial hierarchy? This isn't an issue between two nations; it's about the racism that has existed in this country from the beginning when the white man set foot on American soil and saw the opportunity take some **** and oppress the people who were originally here. It's that kind of arrogance and racism that we see when Trump claims he's gonna build a big beautiful wall and make Mexico pay for it. Call it like you see it! Black folk need not be afraid to say the word RACISM...RACIST, out loud and in public. For too long we've allowed the white racial bigot to shape the national narrative to deflect from the TRUTH! It's time to STOP repeating their narrative when we know it's a lie!

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Jul 16, 2017
This great. A drop in the bucket but great nonetheless.
This Charlottesville act of "Not" Domestic Terrorism should be exploited by us like the "Not" racist White Supremacist are doing by petitioning for more "Not" racist White Pride rallies which have spawned more violence nationwide within the last 80 hours. So with that having been said the Charlottesville Community Improvement Reparations Act (If you will) should become a mantra carried by our Black political, community & religious leadership nationwide. just a thought. the time is right, we as a people must seize it.



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Jun 7, 2016
Considering where our ancestors started from here in the Americas, "free" represents "not enslaved."

You mean ask the government why they haven't issued reparations to us descendants? I ask this bc I don't personally know any white person who is capable of paying me reparations. I guess those who attempt to help push justice and equality for Black people can also help to get reparations too.

When it comes to money people (Humans) get strange and indifferent. Lol Everybody can use a few more dollars. So I can't expect for someone who's hungry to gather food for me and not try to retain some for themselves;Regardless of who is owed it or not. I don't have that much faith in people of any culture!

I don't know about John Brown the freedom fighter. Did he also fight for reparations for Black People?

"White people speaking for us tends to turn into us being crowed into ghettos."

Im not sure I understand what you mean about the statement above. Would you mind elaborating a little more for me?

Lots of Blacks are enslaved mentally and physically to this day. If you are talking about being emancipated you may want to look at the etymology of the word. I think you will see something in the word that will equate to the condition of Black people today.

You could ask the government (which is predominantly run by whites) why there has never been a national mandate to compensate the descendants of the enslaved. However, I am talking about the whites that supposedly want to help. Why is that not a subject I have ever seen lifted by supportive whites? Is it a media outage? I agree that I cant expect whites to attempt to put more money in my pocket. Thats pretty much my point. If they wont do that then how supportive are they really? Where is the line drawn in their minds? I say the line is several stratospheres below their wealth and opportunity levels.

John Brown was too busy fighting to free Blacks from slavery so reparations was not a subject he would have been thinking about at the time. I am sure if he had survived then he would have fought for a wealth transfer.

I meant "crowded" into ghettos. Instead of creating equal opportunity the whites decided to restrict the masses of Blacks to the ghettos. A large part of this effort was brought about by "supportive" whites.
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