1. Destee

    Black People Politics : Charlottesville - State of Emergency - Violence - Unite the Right rally

    State of emergency declared amid violence at Charlottesville's 'Unite the Right' rally Give a black man a job (@BarackObama this time) and white men will get mad. :heart: Destee
  2. S

    Black People : 582 Sex offenses.. 386 Sexual Assaults, 41 Child Family sex abuse cases (through April) in Chicago.

    From January 1st Through April 29th 2016.
  3. S

    Black People : CHIRAQ: 94 people, from 4 to 69 years old, shot over the last 9 days of April 2016.

    The age range appears to be spreading out.. must be some kind of push for violence diversity..
  4. S

    Black People : Could Year-round School solve Chicago's Crime problem?

    Check this out: source : If you go to the live source.. you can see that these spikes in crime all occur in July.. during summer vacation. I've heard the theories that say it's because it's hot.. but I'm wondering if it's just because folks are idle. I...