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Feb 3, 2001
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Capricorn and Sexual Compatibility

Under your calm, reserved facade is a volcano of strong sexual emotions. By nature alone you need gentle courtship and seduction in order to make you feel wanted, needed and loved. When you feel that you are, you can be a very strongly sexed individual...

Important to you are such considerations as duty, integrity, reverence and respectability. These considerations must be satisfied before you give your sexuality free rein...

You are best mated with the water signs, but you can also find sexual happiness with the earth signs. To you Cancer’s possessiveness is an expression of great love. Scorpio can please Capricorn for sure, but must curtail the need for immediate gratification and play up to the romantic aspects of the seduction. Pisces is also a definite possibility for Capricorn. The attentive, tender and affectionate nature of Pisces is most welcome by Capricorn, especially after the heat of youth has passed...

Sexy Taurus may woo and win the sedate Capricorn native. Both have many other things in common, such as an interest in security, status and possessions. Virgo will appreciate the cautious, practical and dependable characteristics of Capricorn, and this can be an excellent partnership. In addition, both signs are serious and somber. If your ambitions are in accord, a union with another Capricorn would be great, especially if both eyes are on the same prize...

Avoid a relationship with the fire signs. You do not take well to the brash, quick aggressiveness of Aries. Leo will quickly lose patience with your slow, sure-footed approach, and will have no understanding of your cautious, suspicious nature. Your sense of austerity will be outraged by Leo’s innate penchant for extravagance. And Sagittarius is too independent for you...they'll wander off at any moment!...

A relationship with the air signs will not be long lasting. Gemini cannot supply the spark you need, and you would be scandalized by Libra’s propensity to unfaithfulness. And Aquarius is out of the question for such a passionate person as you...
So a Capricorn and Capricorn union could be great ... hmmmm ... can you tell me Aqil how I might find what prize his eyes are on? :)

Had to come over and say hello to you. It's good to see you posting again. I be missing you. :love:

There's a thread in the Spirituality and Religion Forum that you started. Someone has asked you a question and I'm eager to read your response, so I thought I'd let you know it was there.




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