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Virgo and Sexual Compatibility

Under your cool facade is a very passionate nature. You keep your sexuality well hidden, waiting for the conditions to be right. Fortunately for you, however, is the fact that you mate well with both the earth and water signs, so you should have no difficulty finding a satisfactory mate...

Cancer can give you the intense sexuality you need, and the clinging-vine qualities of this sign make you feel loved and needed. Pisces is very passionate and will try to please the discriminating Virgo; this can be an excellent relationship. Virgo is the sign of service, and, re: sex, likes to be dominated. Who but Scorpio, the sign of sex, could make Virgo the most exciting sexual partner? If Scorpio will take the time to be romantic and not too possessive and demanding, this can be a most happy and mutually understanding relationship...

Virgo also mates well with another Virgo, who truly understands...or with a patient, tolerant Taurean. Surprisingly, critical Virgo makes an excellent mate for ambitious Capricorn, both of whom are essentially conservative, selective, and practical about sex...

The Virgo native should avoid a sexual relationship with any of the air-sign people, who are too elusive and impractical. Virgo will get bored with Gemini’s chatter; will find Libra’s flirtations boring after a certain point; and will get no romantic thrill in the courtship of an Aquarian, whose sexless, unconventional approach would eventually turn the Virgo off...

Earth can also put out fire, which the Virgo cannot help doing. Aries has no patience with the Virgo tendency to occasionally sublimate passion, and will feel outrageously rejected. Sexually, Virgo and Leo are impossible. The Lion will smart under The Virgin’s constant, critical assaults. Shy, reticent Virgo is embarrassed by Leo’s pompous attitude toward life. Sagittarius is passionate, but finds Virgo’s methodical attitude toward sex too slow and unenthusiastic...


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