Black Relationships : 7 secrets to a long and happy marriage

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    7 secrets to a long and happy marriage

    For their new book, "Project Everlasting," two bachelors, Matthew Boggs and Jason Miller, traveled around America to interview couples who have been married 40 years or more and find out how they managed to stay together and in love. Here's what they found out:

    They have a video.

    It may seem to reflect GREATER SOCIETY but these two BACHELORS got a RICH IMPRESSION from a BLACK MARRIED COUPLE who are together for 50+ years starting off with NOTHING (A brother and sister with no ASSETS or enough MONEY working out a PLAN in the NATION requires more than AVERAGE) to (building a home together and raising children and grandchildren) and seemingly ending off with NOTHING due to what happen with KATRINA and NEW ORLEANS.

    Just to see some YOUNG WHITE MEN get a STRONG IMPRESSION from our ELDERS in our COMMUNITY is somewhat some of our PEOPLE hoped for in terms of RACE RELATIONS in the NATION.

    I got the same plus more from BLACK ELDERLY COUPLES in my area. Whether this is received I do not KNOW.

    I talk FOOLISH STUFF anyway but at least this couple are still TOGEHTER influencing a new generation.

    Oh well.
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    7 secrets...

    for you newly wed guys,listen up,there are gonna be babies coming so don't make her do all the work get up for some of those feedings[she'll really like that] now when it comes to the last word..forget about it she's ALWAYS gonna get it[trust me on this one]surprise her once and awhile and make dinner[don't cook then order it]never ever be envious if she makes more than you[puts more money in your pockets]sit and watch a sappy movie with her once and awhile[she'll really like that too]..and if all else fails say three[yes dears]and keep the basement key handy,i'm out!!