Black Relationships : Relationship foes? Can't we all just get along?

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by mosesgthre, May 26, 2005.

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    You want answers single mothers, dealing with new boyfriends? Advice about possessive dad's only interest in taking your kid away from you, based on a game whereas he can't even make sense of himself? Is there a man in your life who is much older and you need someone to put his old behind in check? So old school that he demands you only be a housewife and tries to control everything you do? Look, these are not so funny situations but they are real. There is a series and story out there that brings all these issues to the forefront. It would make for a great discussion here at Destee.
    The series is the All-4-Love series and the newest release in the series is is "In The Name Of Love!" by Ashaki Boelter. It is a new release and is not just for women. Men, you may want to look into this too. The book is all about forgiveness and unconditional love. Witty, cultural, and simply a fun novel, it's worth the time to check out.
    Purchase your copy today for 13.95 at Barnes and Nobel
    Here's the url at barnes & Nobel :

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    Thank u for sharing this grace upon sistas & bruthas
    maybe redefine love can be ....
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    My 2 cents worth on this situation is....

    Why would you even want a man around your home and family if you don't like him or don't trust him enough to make him an intergral part of your life?

    What is he, some type of sex machine or pet that should only respond when stimulated?

    First of all, if you have young girls in the house you should control your sexual urges and keep strange men whom you don't intend to marry away from your home anyway. Whores don't make good role models for young girls.

    Secondly, stop having so many children in the first place and start choosing the RIGHT men in your life and you won't have so many problems wit men trying to run the show.

    But to bring a man into your home and not expect him to try to influence things is like bringing a mountain lion in the house and expecting him to lay infront of the television set and keep quiet. Not only is it naive and shows lack of judgment but just plain stupid.

    If a woman can't manage her sexual urges and relationships responsibly, she shouldn't have any.

    Like Chris Rock said: Put the d*ck down...just PUT IT DOWN.