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    There is a reverse side to the reverse side.
    Wizard of OZ. The Good witch and the Bad witch.

    I do not recall where I saw where it states that witch means healer. One Wiccan out West I met, said that is what Witch means.

    I recall in the bible it states that the witches (Healers) was killed off. Was it after the evil ones had stolen their knowledge of both the good side of witchcraft, and the evil ones chose to use the bad of witchcraft to mind control and program the masses?

    Isn't that the same thing the evil ones did to our Ancestors after they stole our Ancestors knowledge?

    If we know the rituals that goes on behind this system of things, we can see that this system uses the negative Witchcraft to program, control the mind-set of the people.
    The Derivation of the word Witch by Doreen Valiente

    Strangely enough, the derivation of the word witch is a subject on which
    scarcely any two authorities can be found to agree. The most frequent
    explanation is that it is akin to the word wise, and that witchcraft
    therefore means The Craft of the Wise.


    Does the word 'Witch' really mean 'wise one'? Here you can examine the definition of the word witch from around the world! =

    Wicked Wiccans?
    The biggest hurdle in trying to have a rational discussion about Wicca is the definition of the word "Witch". Now, you know the idea of what a Witch is, don't you? A witch is an evil sorceress, an old crone, flies on a broomstick, and has sabbats with the Devil. The things associated traditionally with Witches along with pointed hats and noses are nudity, cannibalism, poison, and bad things in general.

    Wiccans however believe this is all wrong. They think the negative image of the witch is purely a Christian invention, meant to slander their religion. They insist the word Wicca is derived from the middle English word "wicce", which they claim means "wise". It is true the word "Wizard" is derived from the word "wysard" which means "wise one".
    The concept of the "witch" can be found in EVERY world culture and language in some form or another. Be it kahuna, hexe, strega, bruja, baobh, bacularia or makhsheyfe; the thought that lies behind it is still the same.
    So -- Where did the word come from?
    What does it exactly mean? -and-
    How did it become such a universal principle?

    THE WORD OBEAH-What Does It Mean, How Does It Work?
    THE WORD OBEAH: What Does It Mean, How Does It Work?

    the Wanderling

    "Obeah, on the other hand, is NOT a religion in the classical sense. That is to say, there are no meeting places such as churches, mosques, synagogs or other religious buildings or shrines --- or any underlying infastructure replicating such a system. Nor is there any sort of congregation or parishioners, although there are what may be called followers, albeit scattered. Obeah is instead, a focused application of "occult power" tapping the virulent source of God's own access --- employed without sanction to facilitate or induce spells, call up answers, predict the future, or garner assist or knowledge from planes other than the conventional and implemented through the individual skill, cunning, and artistry of the Obeah practitioner --- usually beyond the guidelines of traditional witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, voodoo (voudon), or tribal magic."
    Mythology - Wikipedia

    The word mythology (from the Greek μυϑολογία mythología, from μυθολογείν mythologein to relate myths, from μύθος mythos, meaning a narrative, and λόγος logos, meaning speech or argument) literally means the (oral) retelling of myths – stories that a particular culture believes to be true and that use the supernatural to interpret natural events and to explain the nature of the universe and humanity. In modern usage, "mythology" is either the body of myths from a particular culture or religion (as in Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology or Norse mythology) or the branch of knowledge dealing with the collection, study and interpretation of myths, also known as mythography.
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    “Witch” redirects here. For other uses, see Witch (disambiguation).
    For other uses, see Witchcraft (disambiguation).
    Witchcraft (from Old English wiccecræft "sorcery, necromancy"), in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the use of certain kinds of supernatural or magical powers.

    A witch (from Old English masculine wicca, feminine wicce, see Witch (etymology)) is a practitioner of witchcraft. The Online Etymology Dictionary states a "possible connection to Gothic weihs "holy" and Ger. weihan "consecrate," and writes, "the priests of a suppressed religion naturally become magicians to its successors or opponents."[1]While mythological witches are often supernatural creatures, historically many people have been accused of witchcraft, or have claimed to be witches. In "Some Reflections on the Relationship Magic-Religion", author H. S. Versnel writes: "Anthropologists in particular have argued that no meaningful contrast between religion and magic can be gained from this approach and that our notion 'magic' is a modern-western biased construct which does not fit representations of other cultures."[2] Witchcraft still exists in a number of belief systems, and indeed there are many today who self-identify with the term "witch" (see below, under Neopaganism).

    While the term "witchcraft" can have positive or negative connotations depending on cultural context (for instance, in post-Christian European cultures it has historically been associated with evil and the Devil), most contemporary people who self-identify as witches see it as beneficent and morally positive.

    Witches are traditionally stereotyped as being female. The masculine equivalents include wizard, sorcerer, warlock,[1] and magician.
    I can see why so many people are confused. So many definitions to words (below).

    That is why it is vital and essential we read the Definitions/Divinations on/in the Scrolls of our Divine DNA for Divine Truth and reality, that can not be Google searched, in dictionaries, and libraries.

    witch definition
    1. A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
    2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
    3. A hag.
    4. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.
    5. Informal A woman or girl considered bewitching.
    6. One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft: "A witch of a writer, [she] is capable of developing an intensity that verges on ferocity" (Peter S. Prescott).
    v. witched, witch·ing, witch·es
    1. To work or cast a spell on; bewitch.
    2. To cause, bring, or effect by witchcraft.
    To use a divining rod to find underground water or minerals; dowse.
    witch synonyms
    A woman who practices magic: enchantress, hag, lamia, sorceress. See supernatural
    An ugly, frightening old woman: beldam, crone, hag. Slang: biddy. Archaic: trot. See beautiful
    Informal. A usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men: enchantress, femme fatale, seductress, siren, temptress. Informal: vamp. See sex

    Salem Witch Trials Page - History of the 1692 witch trials in Salem

    The Salem Witch Trials Page contains information and court transcripts dealing with the events and persons of this tragedy.

    Salem Witch Trials
    Salem. 1692. The events that took place in the town of Salem and nearby towns in Massachusetts will be forever regarded as one of our young nation's most tarnished moments in history. We won't forget. We can't forget.

    The Catholic Church & Witchcraft

    The statement of the Catholic Church regarding witchcraft.

    What does the Catholic church say about practising Witchcraft?

    "All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one's service and have a supernatural power over others - even if this were for the sake of restoring their health - are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion. These practices are even more to be condemned when accompanied by the intention of harming someone, or when they have recourse to the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it. Recourse to so-called traditional cures does not justify either the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of anothers credulity."

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church
    Our people mind-set was lobotomized, hypnotized, mesmerized...and the likes of, for how many years? Tell me that is not the bad side of witchcraft.

    To think and Be like the corruptor european Human being mind-set, and not in our Original Divine mind-set, is to live in the evil bad side of witchcraft. Human flesh sacrifice.

    Lies and deception is witchcraft
    Truth and Reality-Harmony, Order, Balance (Divine-Blissfulness).

    When we do not know the type of Snake that poison us, how will know what to use to extract that poison?

    Truth and reality (same) is the extract for lies and deception.

    I watched a boxing match years ago. The boxer went to their indvidual corners. One of the boxers face was so mess up, the fight should have been stop. To establish the boxer clarity, the referee asked the boxer, where is he? The boxer said. IN WHAT HELL OF A FIGHT.

    Where are we Beloved Once Divine Black people? In ONE HELL OF A FIGHT. The fight to get back in our Once Divine right mind-set.

    We who have no desire to Know Truth and Reality, hate ourselves, and we are dangerous people with a renegade mind-set, that has no set mind-set path.

    Religion, except Catholic, the leaders of the bad side to witchcraft speaks against witchcraft, yet they are wallowing in the Human sacrifice bad part of witch craft. Do a Pig/Hog know it is in Slop? Do a fish know it is immersed in water? Do dead people know they are dead?

    Come NOW, Beloved Ones, LETS REASON Together.
    Lets not continue to perish for a Lack of Knowledge, Understanding/over standing and Wisdom. Wisdom leads and guides us.

    If I could paint the Picture of My Divine Loving for our people, I would.Then again, some our people still will not see the picture, because some will not know Truth, Reality, Divine loving if It came Notarized.

    To stay on top, we must look at life from every position, leaving no stones unturned. We must know how to play from every side. We must know what each role each piece on the Chess board plays, down to the littlest pawn.Common Sense, Truth and Reality.

    Divine Scholars Rebuke me should I err or need clarification, for Divine Rebuke is a Badge of Honor.

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    Sorry I didn't read your whole post , But are you asking what the diffrent betwen ( Voodoo / Witch Doctor ?