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A few days ago a Client of mine finally came around to offer me an invitation to his Church. He said "You should really come our Pastor is on fire! I guarantee that you will leave feeling renewed!"

I respectfully rejected the invite, while I do love my Religious Christian Brothers and Sisters "spiritually"- I don't enjoy their condition. But it seems that I am not alone in this. It seems what was true for our Ancestors who we called Christians, is still true today. Christianity is still used as a smoke screen for practicing rituals, magic and other pagan or African traditional customs. It's seems that many Christians are becoming tired of their "condition" too. Just leaving the Church feeling renewed in not enough.

It's still in our blood. Every now and then a very religious friend or family member will tell me a story, knowing that I would be able to understand it better than say, a member of their Church. But I'm sure all Black Churches are rich with these secrets.

Like the Christian Wife who told me how she put a spell on her Husband. She was still breastfeeding their newborn baby, and while preparing breakfast she squirted a few drops of breast milk into her Husband's coffee, reciting the words " you will do right by me."

The Brotha didn't know the difference, nor what hit him. What she was afraid of was that this Man would leave her. She said not only did he become more loving towards her and the baby, but he made a complete 360 over night.

Breastmilk anyone?

But this is not the first time I've heard a similar story like this. Another Christian Woman told me almost the same story, but this time the milk was squirted into the Man's orange juice and instead of wanting him to stay she wanted him to leave. And that he did, about 1-2 weeks later.

So I asked myself, unless there is some book on spells being secretly passed around to Black Christian Women in the church- obviously our spiritual history is still in our blood and dna. Because where else would our Black Women know to use their breastmilk for this purpose?

And when a Christian says "I will pray for you" is the intention always for something good to happen? Or is that also a way to summon up forces to punish those who go against them? If you offend a Christian family member in some way, and their response is "I will pray for you" - just make sure to keep your psychic guards up.
This seems to ring many bells.......A while back I drew my natal chart around the light bulb(sun) my room.....most of my male friends simply ignored it while the majority of females who seen it were highly interested....another response i noticed was that the males would make a quick joke such as "You summoning the spirits or something"...where as though the females would stare at it for minutes and continously ask several questions regarding the natal chart and astrology.......what is it within black women that lures them "to the dark side" stars wars speaking lol......but the catch 22 to it all is....the majority of the black women who are subconsciously interested in the ancient arts are too consciously interested in being a "church woman".......any thoughts?!?!?!
it's funny because when you go to churches if you look around you can see with the plain eye the ritualistic ceremonies being performed right in front of you..... also the symbolism...

I guess I would say with the chart in order to make it to the light you would have to make it thru the dark... unless your scared of the dark that is.......

if you will something sincerely enough and with enough power behind it it will come to pass....... ex. how many times have you called out with a headache you didn't have, and by the end of the day you really had one....

the scariest thing (for lack of better word right now) is having a capability and not knowing how to use it... or when not to.....

I think all churches and religious institutions include an element of witchcraft and ritual symbolism in their practices. Of course, the brainwashed masses are lead to believe that it's "holy" and "godly" and therefore don't even know the difference.

Even up at the very top, the Roman Catholic Church have all kinds of occult activities that are kept secret.

But on a personal note . . . when I was younger and didn't have a say so in whether I went to church or not, my pastor at the time, I believe had so strange things going on.

I used to have dreams about her being a dark sorceress and all of the members of the church were brainwashed drones.


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