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    The Problem With Black People Is That We Only Have A struggling Mentality!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Hoteph Beloved:

    When it come to the Mind of Black people, we have become a people with a well programmed Mind and those that are doing the programming do so with all intent and purpose to disfigure the Thinking mechanism of Black People, which convert the Black Mind into Believing and not Divinely Thinking, and it is the believing Black Mind that have accepted the false notion that it is a well accepted physical action to struggle for what you have been denied, and as for as Black people are concern, we have been denied our Independence, Freedom, Justice, and the sovereignty of our Black Body life.

    To struggle is no more than an indication that you are in a constant state of resisting something that is constantly against you, and it is making your body life miserable, so the struggle continue, having no end in sight, because struggling is perpetual when in an environment where you do not have no power and authority over your Black Body Life.

    Therefore, the quality of your Body Life Living condition is entirely up to those that have programmed your mind into believing that to struggle is a virtue, in and of that condition requiring you to believe the answer and solution to living with a life infection and such an infection is what have your Body Life Living in an unending and constant state of injustice, and you the Black people who have been conditioned to believe that we owe no more to our Body Life, than to be in a constant struggle, and I ask, struggling for what?

    Most certainly, you if in your Divine Mind, do not equate struggling with the action of fighting for your Liberation do you?

    Freedom does not require struggling to obtain it, Freedom require that you Fight for that which has been taken away from you beloved, and what has been taken away from the Black Afrikan Body Life, is its Divine Right to be Free to live as a Divine Mind has so established your life to be, which is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the action of both Universe, Nature verification of the Divine Essence Infinite Intelligence.

    So tell me beloved, does the Stars struggle to illuminate its appearance as they summon the Planets?

    Do those Planets struggle to find their way around the Stars?

    Then how in Hell do you rationalize your Black Body Life having to always be in a struggle to Live, such is not Nature choreography for the Black Body Life to live beloved.

    So when something or someone invade your Divine Body Life space, and cause that life to live in constant pain of struggle, and you just resolve to a life of struggle, then know beloved, that you are living a life with a programmed Mind and the programmer certainly is not the Nature of the Divine Essence, that which is the Infinite Energy that design all things to be Free without a struggle, to struggle is a Human Being construct, beloved.

    When you have been programmed to believe and not to Think, then you have been set up to believe about all that you do not Know, beloved, and today, Black People do not Know who in Hell that we are today, so we just resolve to live a Life of struggle and not Freedom, and that is why we are so comfortable to just sit on our struggling behind, because we no longer have the Divine Mind to Think, and to a nonthinking Black Afrikan, struggling is such an idea way of living, believing it is the Norm for the Black Afrikan Life, how foolishly nonthinking a Black People we have become, and we have the audacity to ask the question, why is it that Black Folks Body Life Living is in a constant state of struggle?

    Well beloved, it is because you have been made to lose the Will to Fight for your Body Life Freedom, and a life that is not Liberated, that does not demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, is a life always in constant struggle, settling only for things that is told will make your life better, as you advance in your Body Life struggle, how pitifully an ignorant intelligent Black People we have been programmed to be today, never with a desire to be Free, as if we have never enjoyed such a Divine Body Life Living status of Divine Freedom, and Black People believe such to be the case about our Body Life living status and condition today, not meant to be free, just to struggle in life.

    Beloved, When You Do Not Know, You Set Your Self Up To Believe Anything, And In Belief, There Are Only Profane Things That Keep Our Black Body Life In A Constant Struggle, Never To Be Free Again, Not Without A Fight For Our Body Life Liberation, Which Must Be Away From Such An Environment That Cause The Black Body Life To Be In a Seemingly Forever Struggle To Make Our Life Just Better, And Not To Fight To Cause Our Life To Become Free, Divinely Again.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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