Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black People Want To Look At Ourselves As A Problem, And Can Not See The Need Of

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    Why Black People Want To Look At Ourselves As A Problem, And Can Not See The Need Of Black People Being The Solution To Problems?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Never has a people been turned completely away from knowing themselves than those people referring to themselves as Black Afrikan People, or just Afrikan people with an obvious unique pigment that capture the attention of people whose pigment is no where in comparison to the pigment of those people accepted to be referred to as Black people.

    In a Racist Prejudice World, it is the pigment that is referred to, in order to identify World population difference in physical appearance.

    So, contrary to the Lying Luciferian Human Being, in a obvious Racist Prejudice World, RACE DOES MATTER.

    So, why is it that Black people can no longer see themselves as a solution to a problem in the world, but can easily look at themselves as being a problem in the world?

    Can it be that something very precise has happen to Black people Mind in such a way that it has caused Black people to not be able to Think of themselves to be Divine.

    But to believe about themselves as being incapable of having a benefiting and changing effect in and to a world that is operating in a caste with an Evil, selfish, arrogant, egotistical, envious, and jealous spirit.

    Such principles being the cause for Black people being with such a spirit that verify a weakness of mind that cause a negative looking view of themselves.

    It is not how you look at yourselves that matters to your advantage, it is how you see your self, that is what Divinely matters and today, Black people do not matter in a world that is of a cast of Evil acting spirits, whose one objective is to cause Black people to believe about themselves to be no more than a problem to themselves.

    So, it is what you think about yourselves, is what you become, concerning yourselves, and today, Black people have been made to believe of themselves to be no more than a burden problem to themselves, which serve as a carry over to have Black people to believe that they are a burden problem in and to the world.

    Looking at one self as a problem, reduce one self to act in such a way to be a problem, and problems only beget problems and now here is Black people, looking at themselves to not be the solution to the world problems.

    Take a notice of the world today and how it has been on many yesterdays, as long as Lucifer has been in charge of the Black world, everything revolve in the Human Being world is depended upon what Lucifer has caused everybody including Black people to believe about the Black World, because as one think of you Black people, so is how one act toward you, and today, Lucifer has caused most all who are not Black, to have a Racist and Prejudice spirit toward Black people.

    Black people today influences nobody of great significance and influence is an indication of power, meaning how and what you Think about life, carry influence in life, and in a world dominated by belief, it is the Thinker that have the power over the believers in the world, and today, Black people have no power of influence, not even among themselves.

    Black people have been made not to be able to see themselves as being a solution to the world problems, just a major part of the world problem.

    Any where you look in the world today where there is societal unrest and uprising, it is all being done by None Black people, it is as if to say that Black people have no problems in the world, when in fact, Black people have been made to believe by the world, to be the world problem burden.

    Black people have been made to believe that there has never been any Divine Good to have ever come from the activity of Black people, most Black people view themselves just as Lucifer the Human Being has conditioned Black people to look at themselves as Black people, a burden to the world, thus unto yourselves.

    Black people no longer can hear the harmonics that come from the oneness of universal motion.

    Black people have been made not to be able to see themselves as being the axel of a wheel within the middle of the wheel which is the outer Universe.

    It is the physical Mortal Beings of a different phenotype than Black people, serving as being the spokes consisting of the inner world within the world of the Universe, serving as a mortal wheel turning within the wheel of the Universe, stars, planets and elements serving as the outer physical universe spokes to the wheel of the Universe.

    So Black people once were and still have the potential to be the strength of support to the physical mortal world with a level of intelligence that is expressed differently from all of the other living intelligent life physical Beings.

    Such expression of a Divine level of intelligence by Black people, will only come from Black people who do not view themselves as a problem in the world but as the solution to the world problem, which is being caused by Lucifer the Devil, Satan Human Beings to look at yourself as a problem.

    Today, white people, Arab people, Jewish people and all other people who are not Black, they are showing some form of action of dissatisfaction in how Lucifer controlled world is being mistreated.

    Yet you have Black people, the axel of the physical Being world, showing no dissatisfaction in the world, acting as if there is no problem affecting the Black world, and that is why Black people get no respect from the world.

    Black people have sat around on their do nothing behind allowing for three hundred years to go by without collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, we always giving excuse for the reason why Lucifer the Human Being will not and should not pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, not Lucifer Reparation but our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which they have long earned under the banner of injustice and evil oppression, in an institution of chattel slavery.

    If there are a people who have the right to be in continuous unceasing demonstration showing unrest in such a evil world society controlled by Lucifer, it is Black so call Afrikan people, they being the Quantum Particle of the Physical Being World, they who once was in possession of Divine Intelligence that had them to be with a Spirit revealing a Divine Black Being.

    Yet, here you Black people are, Wanting To Look At Ourselves As A Problem, And Can Not See The Need Of Black People Being The Solution To Problems.

    What a sad and pitiful lot of a people Black people have been made to be, in a world that Black people carry no weight, no power, no influence, and control nothing in the world today.

    A world of a wheel that Black people served to be the axel to such a wheel, of which the spokes to the world wheel was attached, which gave the world its Harmony, Order, and Balance during the motion of its turning and revolving, during so, with such an axel of Divine grace.

    Before it become to late to save the world as it should be, there must be Black faces of great Multitude like never seen before, to dawn the streets of Washington D C,

    Only such a phenomena magnification is capable of sending a shark wave around the world, to remind it and to let it know of the powerful significance of the Black World serving as the axel to the wheel within the wheel of the outer physical Universe, such a wheel consisting of Stars, Planets and other nonphysical elemental forces that keep both wheels turning in the Darkness of the Everlasting, Eternal, Infinite Spatial Universe.

    Black Woman and Man, Get To, Know Thyself!!!

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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