Chief Elder Osiris : Knowing The Black Life Experience Is The Solution To The Black Life Problem!!!

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    Knowing The Black Life Experience Is The Solution To The Black Life Problem!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe, Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    The biggest deceivers in the Black Race happen to be Black preachers believing and teaching that the Divine Essence (GOD) is a man, Black or White, Arab or Jew, it is all a lie, so how do you allow someone like that to be your teacher about life.

    The Black Afrikan Preacher who know nothing about the Divine Black Life experience, because if they were in possession of such Divine information, they would not be pontificating based upon the history they have read about Black people and religion, and now the Black Life Spirit we now display, show that the Black preacher care nothing about the when, where , what, who, and how such a religious spirit became a part of the displaying by Black people, so they condemn us all who do not accept Jesus as our savior, based upon the ignorance they display about not knowing about the Black Life Experience.

    Listen, if the God the Black preacher is so into, is the God the preacher is advising you Black people to run to, and believe in, more devoutly, then such a God would have been long come to the rescue of Black people, because Black people have shown nothing but love and obedience to the religious God.

    You see, excuse is only afforded to Babies and Fools, and the preachers implies that Black people qualify to be excused for the way we show disrespect toward ourselves, because to be a religious believer is an act of disrespect for self.

    If such a religious God help only Babies and Fools unconditionally, then Black people should be the most advanced civilized people on earth today.

    Listen, I share this with you, to show how uncaring the Black preacher is about the Black Life Experience.

    The Black preacher need to know, when pointing a religious finger at other Black people , condemning them for not believing in Jesus, the other four finger condemn more stronger the one telling the lie about God.

    The finger the preacher use to point Black people out as being down right no good if Jesus is not in control of your life, he need to take heed to the four fingers pointing right at himself, showing that the emphasis is more dramatically true of himself for believing in such fantasy.

    Because four fingers as so stated are condemning the preacher who condemn, more so than the one pointing out at Black people.

    There is one thing I can share with you that support the information that I am sharing with you today, and that is, the Black Life Experience is more of an accurate account of the Black Life living, than History is about the Black Life told about account of such a life activity.

    Beloved, you can not begin to learn to know and understand the reason why Black people act to behave as we do today, so not until you are to learn and know with understanding about the Black Life Experience, and not only the History of the Black life, we remain stuck in this life living caste we now find ourselves today.

    The preacher will continue ranting and raving about you should want to be a child of Jesus, because he believe he is in the awareness of the history about our Black life, and history about our Black life will have you ignorantly giving out erroneous information about what our Black life need, which is to be desirous to learn about the Divine Truth concerning the Black Body Life.

    There is no solution to come to you about the Black life living condition, coming from history about Black people, the only Divine solution to come to be known by Black people concerning our lives, will come only from knowing and understanding the Black life experience, and since experience is life Master Teacher, what you will learn by knowing and understanding the Black life experience, is that you are the Divine Black Being whose Sanctuary is the Universe, you now sitting on your do nothing behind, with a lost of your Divine Spirituality.

    Beloved, the Divine Information that I share with you come from my knowledge and understanding of history about the Black life and beyond history, and it is knowing and understanding the Black Life Experience that far exceed history about the Black life.

    Beloved, Divine Information does rebuke, but it does not execute you, as the preacher does with his so call historical religious belief, while describing the Mind Spirit Black people display today.

    Granted now, all is not to be ignored that is coming from the preacher, because of the lost of our Divine Mind, as I have often shared with you about us, with the profane mind we now use to guide us, we now are living under the influence of a Black preacher Human Being Mind, and that is what the preacher is describing to you, as we function under a Mind that is not ours.

    So tell me, has that not been the single basis of all of the information I have been sharing with you, informing you that we need to reclaim our Divine Mind, because the one that is now guiding us, is the Human Being mind that is having us to display a spirit liken to a foolish idiot, which is not slanderous of you, but is the fact about us as we display a spirit of complete compliance to the preacher of religion, while we are in the midst of our Lives being destroyed, as we hang on to believing that History is an accurate display of who we Black people are, which is not so, beloved.

    History is what has the preacher saying all that he is saying about you, because he is without the knowledge and understanding of the Black Life Divine Experience, but his concern he show about you, it is based upon his description of us in the way we have been made to behave, which is correct, and to be commended, but his facts about us is all wrong, in term of our contribution to this world, which has turned evil and no longer reveal the value the Divine Black life once was to the world.

    Knowing the Black Life Experience takes you way beyond history account of you, the Black experience take you outside the life experience of the universe, to inside of your universe various dimensions, there is where you discover the quantum atom, your intuitive Divine self within, serving to be the Universe we need to explore again.

    You Black people came with the Divine Knowledge in your possession, knowing about the Quantum particles that is of your internal self, and with the knowledge of how significant the atom particles, which is a part of Time.

    Such Divine actionable truth, verify who you Black people , are.

    You have been made not to be able to bring yourself to know that your life is of such a potential quality that is coded for you to know the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence and the Perfect Darkness, having you to be aware of the Hydrogen particle in all things physical and not physical.

    So, it is the Divine Body life experience that inform you about the duality of the self, one external and the other internal, and it is the knowledge of the two that is one, that have you to know and understand about the Divine Essence and both Universe.

    Such Divine knowledge will have you to know about the cause and effect of the events that take place in your life, and how to act accordingly to that experience.

    Negro preachers are a danger to you, they prevent you from becoming free again, because they are those who Black people choose to guide us in life, along with history that is incapable of presenting an accurate account of your Body life experience, because it extend way beyond this planet earth, and it is Divine Knowledge that will inform you of the solution to the Black Life problem.

    When you do not know about something, Divine wisdom will have you to shut up, until you are revealed what you need to know about that you are allowed to Divinely share.

    It is a liar who has nothing to govern the tongue, so beware of those that only believe in that which is not known to the liar who you now choose to teach you to believe in what the teacher does not know, and that is, history does not give an accurate account of your Black Body life living experience.

    Beloved, a Divine Mind know that it is only Experience that is to be trusted, because experience is information that is based in Divine Truth and Reality, and a Divine Mind will not inform you that you have never developed to construct anything on this planet of Divine quality and importance.

    So, share with me, if the place referred to as Egypt is not Afrika located, as Lucifer has succeeded in having many to believe that it is not in Afrika, then where is it?

    Only Divine Body life experience, teach what the solution is that will cause freedom to be a part of the Body life living condition again, and without our Divine Mind, a fool will sound intelligent to a profane mind.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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