Brainstorm This Must Be Heaven

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Brainstorm was a funk/R&B band based in Detroit in the late 1970s. Their first album, Stormin' , was their best selling album, and was released in 1977 on Tabu Records. It contained the disco hit "Lovin' Is Really My Game". The album also contained the radio hit "This Must Be Heaven", which is considered a soul classic.

The members of the band (on the Stormin' album) were Belita Woods, Chuck Overton, Lamont Johnson, Ranel Gonsalves, Treaty Womack, Bob Ross (a.k.a. R J Ross), Jerry Kent, Jheryl Bright, and Larry Sims.

Members of Brainstorm continued their musical careers with other bands. Belita Woods later went on to perform as part of the Parliament-Funkadelic collective in touring sets around the world. Larry Sims became the trumpeter for the Sounds of Blackness which won two Grammy Awards during the 1990s.
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