Chief Elder Osiris : Does God Have A Problem With Black People?

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    Does God Have A Problem With Black People?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is no question about it that the Religious God Black People serve and depend upon has a problem with Black People, Proof you want, then take a look and then see the state of condition of the Mind and the life living of a Religious Black People today.

    When you do not know what God Is it cause you to accept what you have been told who God is and it is Religion that give to you an indication that God is a Jealous Masculine God who have favorite people and is with a personality that is with a profane vanity of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, and is a God that need people to Worship it and beg for mercy and blessing assistance.

    It is Religion that teach that God only protect his own, so it is fitting to conclude that God have a problem with Black Folks because any God that would allow a people to get at the level of condition that Black People are at today, then it can be concluded, that Religious God Have A Problem With Black People, so much so until that Religious God choose not to have ears that can hear the cry of Black People unto "Him" and do not have eyes that can see the condition of Black People and do not have a tongue to communicate with Black People, thus the conclusion can be reached that the Religious God have a problem with Black People, which is a problem that Black people can not Religiously rectify and that Problem is being Black with a Human Being Mind.

    Yet here is the Black Afrikan all wrapped up in the Human Being Religion, always begging God for recognition and to recognize the wretched condition the Black Life has been made to suffer and all of the suffering of Black People are occurring while Black People are constantly in Prayer and worship of Go through the Human Beings Religion and yet Black People remain to be and to act as a ignorant of self Human Being, in want of God Favor and Mercy, the God of the Religion created by the Human Beings, and it is the maintaining of Black people suffering condition that should let Black people know that it is the Religious God of the Human Beings that has a problem with Black people.

    So much so until to the extent that the prayers of Black People to that Religious God is in a continuation of being ignored by the God of the Human Being Religion and any God that do not answer the prayers of a suffering Black Nation, is a God that have problems with Black People and that problem is the fact that you are Black and is not a Natural worshiper of the Human Being Religion.

    What kind of a God that would allow such a Conforming Religious Black people to always be under a penalty of Life Suffering and self hatred and such a suffering is caused by the creators of that God Religion, such a God that will allow such a devout Black Religious people to sustain such unbearable suffering is a God that has Problem with Black People.

    So the answer is Yes, the Religious God have problems with Black People and it is such a People that have problems with themselves, because when a People refuse to Think and allow their lives to be depended upon somebody else Religion and its God, and those people continue to rely and depend upon a God who have yet to respond to their cry for Merciful Help, then the only conclusion that can be reached is that Religion has a curse upon Black People and that Religious God, well "He" most certainly has a problem with Black People.

    It is Black people gone insane that believe that God is a Masculine Human Being sitting some where in the sky choosing who "He" is to Bless and who "He" is going to curse and for Black People that has a life living condition that is full of constant suffering and is with a belief with hope that a savior is to come from the God that will not hear their prayer, how foolish and pitiful sad Black people have become, as we live under the curse of the Human Being Religion.

    You can not Reasonable, Rational, and Logical tell me that the God of the human Being Religion does not have a problem with Black People, because there is no other people that is as Religiously obedient as Black People are to that Religious God and yet that God has yet to respond to Black People cry for saving assistance.

    Black people are so depended upon the Religious God, so much so until they have become religiously delusional to the extent Black people now is proclaiming President Obama to be a the Savior that they have been waiting for when they know that it has always been the White Man Jesus Black People have been conditioned to look for and to come out from the sky to save our Black behind, because such is what the Religious scripture has taught Black People to look for in the name of Jesus, and it is Jesus that Blind and keep Black People from being able to see that the Religious God has a problem with Black People.

    So Obama has come in the name of Jesus, telling you Black People that before the Religious God, "He" who will not hear your prayers be willing to give Black people consideration, it will require that Black People must first deny their Blackness and pretend that all people are One and the same, and that your phenotype does not matter.
    a religious lie it will be.

    This is the doctrine of Obama, a child of white Folks Religion that is of a God that has a problem with Black People, claiming that you must seek and act to change your Black identity by becoming intense participant in the Melting Pot of America, as so advocated by President Obama, he being the equivalent of the deceiving eyes of the religious God to Black people, as you Black people make claim of Obama to be the Religious Jesus, while Black people long for a savior to help relieve our lives from the terrible living suffering that Black people now is enduring, as we hold to be true to white folks Religion and to be submissive to the Religious God that has a problem with Black people.

    It is the Divine Essence that is not of a Human Being Origin and need no eyes to see, ears to hear or a tongue to talk.

    It is the Divine Essence whose Divine Intelligence Know without the need to learn and provide without the need to be worshiped and it is the Divine Essence that does not cause life suffering, but give you the ability with freedom to choose and to act by your Will to protect the life that is provided to you and the consequence of your action in life become yours and yours alone and not the Divine Essence, the God that is not in the RELIGIOUS BUSINESS, NOR DOES IT CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR YOUR LIVES, IT JUST PROVIDE YOU WITH LIFE, THE DIVINE ESSENCE WHICH IS THE ENERGY OF DIVINE INTELLIGENCE.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    I've been asking

    myself the same question now for a few years. No matter how I cut it, from a religious point of view, Black people have a double edged sword: gifted & blessed with genius but condemned for it by others. And where is the miraculous intervention on their behalf? Missionaries and believers are so quick to preach scripture explaining why we fell away from god, and then further explain that our redemption (which is en-culturation and sacrifice of identity) lies in accepting our state of powerlessness, and contending politely with racism. What we get in exchange is a barely tolerable psychological existence that makes the spirit bi-polar and the heart-mind a deceiver.

    In his autobiography, Kaffir Boy, Mark Mathabane relays his first experiences with "the church". Although his father forbid the family to visit the tent with the preachers, him & his mother were more than curious because it seemed that their neighbors in the township, that had converted were financially better off. Under the conditions of apartheid and slavery it is not difficult to understand why our minds reached for a savior. However, our beliefs need to prove themselves, if we haven't peace, abundance, health & liberty than what say thee of our gods?

    At one time, I believed in (a black) Jesus, and I still find the concept of christ consciousness to be allegorical. But my proof day came because I threw myself down in prayer and asked him to take away my addiction to tobacco. I cried out with my whole heart that it was a weary battle and I needed help. Within 24 hours, the cravings were gone and I have been a non-smoker now for 5 years.

    Most recently, I've come to the conclusion that my miracle must have been a product of my desire and my highest self, because I've done prayed for other such miracles and have had no one answer the door. And I cannot understand how so many believers suffer for want of basic necessities. My naivety has fallen away like the illusion(s) it upheld and I am left with stark reality.

    In terms of Obama & family, I am glad that after 400 years of servitude, a beautiful Black family now graces the "white house". I hope Obama will be a great politician - because he is Black and I want the world to remember him with the respect he deserves for obtaining this post. I also want him to be a great political leader because my American brothers & sisters deserve so much better than what they have received to date.

    I've heard him referred to in religious ways as well (a godsend, a messiah, etc...). My heart-mind does not say such things to me, therefore I can not support that belief system, or any system filled with more mysteries than answers. Life is simple really, our imaginings make it complex & man's greed makes suffering.

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    Faith without work is worthless! It is unreal to think that The God would change the condition of a people who will not even put forth the effort to change their thinking which will get them out of the condition they are in. Religious obedience is more than just saying "I beleive". It is backing up beleif with action. I think that if we are of those who fall upon their faces and pray to that mystery god for bread to nourish them then we will continue to go hungry and be spirituallly bankrupt and in the pityful condition that so many of our people are in. However if we learn that submission to Allah(God) is not in word but in deed then our lives will change, our spirits along with our bellies will be filled to capacity and change can actually come.
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    Forgive Her, She is young . Peace Out Bro!
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    Are you nuts?
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    ^^^lol...well that is her perspective being a muslim woman so I respect it although I don't agree with everything she said.........but i did agree with this

    This thread reminds me of "Fishin for Religion" by arrested development....

    I was just listening to it the other night, and at a time when I used to be religiously confused I'd listen to it for comfort.....Now I am at a state where I don't need religion in my life (although I still do respect an individuals choice to be religious, because there is some good that comes out of it). I do believe there is a higher power within me that guides me, and I came to the realization that I can control a lot of my actions and thoughts. Ever since I came to this revelation I've felt incredibly free, both mentally and spiritually. I still make bad decisions at times, but I view it as a learning process in life.