Black People Politics : Nonvoters Are Dissatisfied With the Two Parties _ The Last Four Years Trump Admits Were Handed to Him .. Don't Do That Again

Yeh after the white christian fascists take over because of a disinterested non-voting population...............
maybe they'll talk seriously about reparations and return of land.
Yeh, that's the ticket!!!!!!!! NOT

I'm not sure there's anyone on Destee that detests the neoliberal Dems more than me but even I know not voting will only lead to even worse atrocities tomorrow. Maybe I can't stop the fascists but I'll be damned if I'll help them get there by not voting.
I agree I'll be damned as well

We know the villainous deeds, crisscrossing, self preservationist twisted enemies.

We do have Our Own Preservation to Hold and Keep Secure. Don't shortsight, even the minimalist step, steps, and miles of a single Ancestor.

I see the generation behind us, making the push. Getting fired up and involved. They are supporting, caring about all we do... not something.. I solidly know for sure. But, my children are part of that. I see. I'm satisfied, how they navigate. They vote.

If you don't vote. YOU STILL VOTED.

No choice, is a choice too.
Republicans and Democrats are both full of crap!

Voting is not about getting good government it is about reducing bad government. When I voted for Clinton in 2015 it wasn't because I liked Clinton but I never imagined that Trump could get this crazy and stupid.

Now we are stuck with the clowns Trump put into the Supreme Court.

"We came, we saw, he died!"

Now the Libyan people are worse off than before she helped kill Gadaffi.
None voters are dissatisfied with the two no other choice, runn- off. Too non- voters saw Trump coming. They weren't interested in the circus.. it was one. All Republicans, pretended to hate Trump... then ,Now they all are beholding.

It was a Ruse
It flipped the media on it's head. Gave the hate a sharpened target to all Control.
I was seeing " A Cat In The Hat " episode.

Thing One... Thing Two, and all the Alligators, taken into Office with that Circus.
Send in the Clowns...


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