Black People Politics : What would happen if nonvoters actually showed up? Hint: Republicans wouldn’t be happy

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    About 55 million adult Americans aren't registered and don't vote. If they did, the current GOP would be vaporized


    The election coming in just over a week will be decided by the people who vote. It’s an obvious statement, but it carries profound importance, because in American presidential elections, about 40 percent of the population doesn’t actually show up. The United States trails other rich countries, many of which have turnout rates that reach into the 80-percent or 90-percent range.

    There are many reasons for this: One party sees voter suppression as its means to political power; the Electoral College makes many states “safe” enough that voters see no reason to turn out; many states disenfranchise anyone convicted of a crime. But our onerous voter registration system is one of the most important contributors. Roughly 55 million Americans, or one-quarter of the voting-age population, simply aren’t registered and therefore couldn’t show up on election day even if they wanted to. What would happen if they did?

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