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  • I was gonna post a link but apparently I can't do that here.. dunno if you've already seen the previews, just wanted to let you know if you didn't already that Fallout 4 is coming in the next couple of days... :) I'm uber excited, you probably already know, I just had a thought to share the excitement lol. Have a good day!
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    There's no reason that you should not be able to post a link. What happened when you tried? Did you see an error message or something? If so, let me know what it was. Give me a chance to check it out, don't think the worst off the bat. Love You! <3
    what's up with the posters this time
    so few post back anymore
    holla back thanks
    Thanks brother for getting back to me. I really appreciate you for that. The Fridge is a Kenmore from Sears, , microwave is a zenith. Can't unplug the fridge ... close to wall, sister aint that strong, lol. microwave same as fridge. feel it might be a fuse.
    So I'll get an electrician tomorrow.
    Enki, I'm expericing a partial power outage right now. It was a full blown outage, power was restored, but my refrigerator, microwave and cordless phone did not come back on. My question to you ... How do I check to see if a fuse is blown in the fuse box? Thanks for your input.
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