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To know who Jesus is one must first know who man is. Man is the Glory of God, the crown jewel of all God's creation. We were made in the image of God, holy and righteous. God ordained angels to guard us. God spoke everything in heaven and earth into existence accept for man. God took personal interest in man. God shaped us and quickened us with His own breath. God did this so that we may be His masterpiece for his glory. Like an artist or a sculpter creating his masterpeice when God was finish He took great joy in what He had done is say it is very good. Oh how we have fallen. Man has forgotten who he is and forgot who God is. God was sad and angry. God destroyed the wicked world and left a remnant so that his master plan for man could be fullfilled. Through we were fallen God so love us He provided us a way back to the mountain. This way was the salvation of man. The remission of sin only came through the spilled blood of the pure and righteous. Jesus is said to be the second Adam. Jesus represents the spiritual rebirth of man. This is why those who follow Jesus are loosed from the bondage of flesh and are born again of the spiritual nature. Jesus bring us back to God and our true nature and glory. Jesus didn't begin with immaculate conception. Jesus has alway been. Jesus did not come to vanquish our suppose it enemies. Jesus did not come to align himself with one people. Jesus said he would bring division among men. This is evident in this forum. Jesus came to show man how to live and have everlasting life. So brother's and sister why do we diligently invest in death, the dying and the dead. This is a fools gamble. So for those who are caught in the trap that uses pride against you I ask, what color is a spirit and what color is your soul?


Radical Faith
I think the ethnicity and/or color of Jesus is important enough to correct an irrational international lie about Jesus, God and the people of ancient Palestine. I think to ignore the correction of this lie is to play into the “soft side” of white supremacy and white racism.

Any artist or lover of nature knows that color has importance and significance.

For remember the parable “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

The scriptures say, “Worship me in spirit and in TRUTH”

simple and true.... Jesus Was, Is, and Is To Come
and to God be the glory.

:terrific: You both covered it all pretty well! NUFF SAID!
and He that lives in you is greather than He that is in the world..

and we gonna need Him In this already starded , with little midwaves getting
stronger Great trubulation..

this is a quick message for the saints chosen ones ,


i,ll come back to share with you ,huge yall with..:)

revelation...much revelation...

but untill than ...


and prays Him.

remember God loves you ..

and Jezus died for our sins


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