Black Spirituality Religion : jezus was ......

Jesus was about truth

I think the ethnicity and/or color of Jesus is important enough to correct an irrational international lie about Jesus, God and the people of ancient Palestine. I think to ignore the correction of this lie is to play into the “soft side” of white supremacy and white racism.

Any artist or lover of nature knows that color has importance and significance.

For remember the parable “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

The scriptures say, “Worship me in spirit and in TRUTH”

Peace and Love,

Brother Sun Ship
LibertyLady said:
oh i got you...hookup man thanks..

JEzus was and still IS......

i just wanted to refure to tha ....constanly dicussion about what colour ..

he would have.........

maybe he had all colours you know.....

but its about what he does for you and his walk and holy wisdom..

and why he came...


simple and true.... Jesus Was, Is, and Is To Come
and to God be the glory.


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