Black Spirituality Religion : Jezus Said: "' Concerning Adultary""

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    ""You have heard that it was said , "'you shall not commit adultary. But i say to you that everyone that looks at a woman with lust has already commited adultary with her in his heart .If youre right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and trow it away; It is better for you to lose one of youre members than for youre whole body to be trowm into hell .And if youre right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and trow it away; it is better for you to lose one of youre members than for youre whole body going in to hell...

    matthew 27 till 30..

    my personal responding ..on this

    is .That i would cutt of my hands right away i would repend serius on my kneew ask for forgiveness and work on it to never to that again...

    you know when a though comes in youre mind...rebuke it in the name of jezus ...

    that is why they say the battle is in youre mind..
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    to debase or make impure by adding inferior materials or elements

    ...... to committ adultery.....


    Jesus became angry one time in his human life... when they turned the temple into a market place... he flipp'd the tables.....

    if Jesus became angry.. that would indicate to me that anger is a real emotion.....

    who is your right and left hand? ........

    the term my right hand man......

    cut the ties that burden you............

    just my perception sis.......

    much love...
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    Hmm, I understand this fully.

    I think many more should cling to the teachings of the Holy Son, who came and died for our sins, that we might have salvation. And if they did, they'd know so much more than what meet the eye, for the Father and the Son are with us, the faithful, everyday.

    I think many should truly have faith in His sacrifice and belief in his Resurrection, for whatever it is we don't understand, He'll make us to see clearly since we are called His own by our faith, belief, and holy works in His Name.

    Adultery is something that many don't take seriously these days, save for when it's the act of the body. But all should take it seriously, even when it is of the heart, alone and not the body. For just as your heart should be to the Father and the Son, never straying, should should you be to your wife or husband never straying with wandering eyes. That's not faithful at all, but faithful is when even the thought of adultery bothers you.