Brother AACOOLDRE : How the OT Lucifer became NT Good Lucifer???

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    A Bible passage concludes the ‘prophecy’ given in Rev 2:27-28 above where the ‘God’ Domitian described himself as the ‘Morning star’ which will be given to him that “does my will to the end”. The expression ‘morning Star’ stems from the old Testament description of a pagan Babylonian King who challenged the god of the Israelites. It is easy to see this passage from Isaiah 14:12-22 was the basis for much of the imagery in revelations and the Pauline material.

    As a result of his egotistical self-deification, the pagan monarch eventually would experience both the collapse of his kingdom and the loss of his life-an ignominious end that is described in vivid terms. “Sheol (Hell) from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming”, the prophet proclaimed to the king. And when the ruler finally descends into the underworld, captives of that hidden realm will taunt him by saying, “Is this man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms?”

    It was in this context that Isaiah referred to the king of Babylon as “The morning star” who ended up in the hidden realm. This provides the basis for linking the word “Lucifer”-a word that means “Morning star”-with Satan. Emperor Domitian understood this connotation, and by describing himself as the ‘morning star’ he cast himself both as a god and Satan: a wry comment perhaps intended for the cognoscent of posterity who would see the humor in Domitian’s dual characterizations.

    No Jewish/Christian would in their right mind of sanity call himself Lucifer/Morning star after a Babylonian king who persecuted Jewish people for economic and demonic pursuits. Therefore it was a Roman King Domitian masquerading himself “Root and offspring of David, and the bright Morning star” (Rev 22:16). Just like no God of the universe would “Strike children dead” for activities of their parents (Rev 2:23) however a Roman King would. God never killed Egyptian children as punishment for 430 years of Jewish slavery that never happened. By the way the government of Egypt just banned a Hollywood movie in part for these above reasons.

    Likewise Jews were to first call King David Satan for his census/tax policies. No Jewish person would write a Gospel portraying their messiah family running from one town to another to register to pay a tax, be friends with tax collectors, Go fishing to pay taxes for the state of pagan Rome that colonized them. However, someone writing for a pro-Roman stand would do exactly this.

    It makes no sense for a fictional Jesus to name himself after a nickname, aliases that Satan uses or Tax in a manner that was inspired by the influence of Satan. We have been fooled into worshiping Roman kings (Vespasian, Titus & Domitian =Trinity) as God by use of switching their names. Its time to take the toga off the Emperors and see them as false trees and branches that they are. Spit in your own eyes and see the truth before its too late.