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    Its all in the wind

    To understand how Mary became a virgin we must go back into the ancient archives of the pagans who wrote Isis as the main the prototype of Mary’s biography.

    Diodorus Siculus wrote a history of major countries in the world durning his lifetime. Because “Egypt is the country where mythology places the origin of the gods, we shall begin our history with the events connected with Egypt” (Book 1:8)

    Diodorus went on to say: “The air, they say they considered Athena (Neit/Hathor/Isis),…they considered her to be the daughter of Zeus (Amen) and conceived of her as a virgin, because of the fact that the air is by its nature uncorrupted and occupies the highest part of the entire universe”.(Book 1:12).

    The ancient Egyptians wrote long before Jews knew the name of their God as Aton (Adon) called Isis a thousands names. Among these names was Stella, Star of the sea, The Rose, Tower, Queen of the universe and best of all Immaculate is our lady Isis. The Egyptians made statues of her eyes to wink. All I want to know is why the Catholics gave her these same titles. Isis was a goddess of healing and Catholics pray to Mary whenever the face an injury. Isis was a navigational goddesss and Catholics call out to Mary when they are rowing or sailing a boat. Well the first monasteries were in Egypt and maybe that has something to do with it???

    Isis as a flower is impregnated/pollinated by the wind/spirit. Also Isis changed herself into a bird and flew above Osiris coffin flapping her wings to gather up air to impregnate herself. We may also get the word Mother from the Egyptian goddess Mut (Of Motherhood) being depicted as a woman with the body of a vulture bird. The female vulture gets impregnated by exposing herself to the winds with no direct contact with males. Isis was the symbol of the vulture, motherhood and a virgin in symbolic spiritual means. However the Catholics took a symbolic event and turned it into an historical fairytale. The black Eve (Isis) of the Bible being from Egypt was supposed to be the mother of all living (Genesis 3:20), the Catholics superimposed on Mary. What a small step into a leap.

    Now that I gave you the historical bases for the Mary myth we can now look into the scriptures. So we can see the book of Matthew for what it really is Mary “She was found to be with child through the holy spirit…what is conceived in her is from the holy spirit” (Matthew 1:18) Another important thing to note is his name is Immanuel (Matthew 1:23).
    If we can link up Spirit with wind/air and Immanel with spirit/wind we can see the origin of the Mary virgin case with Isis. John gives a parable of “The wind blows” as a spirit (John 3:8). When the world was being created in Genesis, a stolen tale from Egypt we hear about the spirit (Amen/wind) of the lord moving upon the face of the waters (Nun). We know it was the Hebrew Raunch for Wind replacing the word Amen. We also know God breathe red (Wind) his spirit into Adam (Atum). Also the alternative word for Immanuel is his Amen is God. In Egypt Amen is the Wind and is called an honorable spirit. We already know Jesus was twice called Amen in the New Testament. They make Jesus The Word that move and created by words of command at Genesis which makes it impossible for him not to be the Egyptian Amen.

    So we must look at the Trinity first as elements and then Humans who had different names.

    The Trinity within the four elements:

    Water Noah/Nun the Nile river.
    Earth Atum(light) made from earth and air/spirit breathed into his nose
    Air Spirit
    Fire/light/Sun The image of God is Light

    As you can see Adam/Atum is a make up of all the elements. First Adam is a collection of a black mud pile deposited from the Nile’s flood (Noah’s flood). So when you get recreated or reborn you go through the same process to be saved by Jesus doing another Noah but your on a houestop ( housed/married unioned with light) On the housetop to have a light or candle for the thief to pick up in the night. Then you become one with Jesus, the second Adam/Atum.