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    Compiled By Andre Austin

    Light, fire and the Sun these are some of the attributes of Mithra just like Lucifer who was linked with the royalty of Babylon. From some of my books on history and religion I’ve compiled and collated this essay to shine some light on Mithras/Zoroastrianism. Keep in mind the original idea of religion was to transmute myths into symbols of religious truth. Like telling a allegorical story to get a moral lesson in life.

    The religion of Mithra, which was of Persian origin, was a close competitor of Christianity, especially during the latter half of the 3rd century AD. The emperors, who were making desperate attempts to control the army, felt that religion might give a much needed stability; but it would have to be one of the new religions, since it was these that the soldiers favored. The cult was introduced at Rome, and had much to commend it to the military mind. Mithras was a sun-god, but not so effeminate as his Syrian colleague; he was a god concerned with war, the great war between good and evil which had been part of the Persian creed since Zoroaster. (A History of Western Philosophy, Bertrand Russell p.280-281).

    The great majority and the wisest of men hold this opinion: They believe that there are two gods, rivals as it were, the one the Artificer of good and the other of evil. There are also those who call the better one a god and the other a daemon, as for example, Zoroaster, the sage, who they record, lived five thousand years before the time of the Trojan War. They taught dualism/binary concepts. Zoroaster called the one Oromazes and the other Areimanius and he further declared that among all the things perceptible to the senses, Oromazes may best be compared to light (Horus/RE), and Areimanius, conversely, to darkness (Set) and ignorance, and midway between the two is Mithras; for this reason the Persians give to Mithras the name of “Mediator” (Heb 9:15). Mithra and the sun reconciled after their struggle. Likewise Horus/light reconciled with Set/darkness after their struggle. Zoroaster has also taught that men should make votive offerings and thank-offerings to Oromazes, and averting and mourning offerings to Areimanius. They pound up in a mortar a certain plant called Omomi, at the same time invoking Hades and darkness; then they mix it with the blood of a wolf that has been sacrificed, and carry it out and cast it into a place where the sun never shines (Heb 9:12). In fact, they believe that some of the plants belong to the good god, but that water rats belong to the evil one; therefore the man who has killed the most of these they hold to be fortunate.

    However, they also tell many fabulous stories about their gods, such, for example, as the following: Oromazes, born from the purest light, and Areimanius, born from the darkness, are constantly at war with each other; and Oromazes created six gods, the first of good thought, the second of truth, the third of order, and, of the rest, one of wisdom, one of wealth, and one the Artificer of pleasure in what is honorable. But Areimanius created rivals, as it were, equal to these in number. The Oromazes enlarged himself to thrice his former size, and removed himself as far distant from the sun as the sun is distant from the earth, and adorned the heaven with stars. One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman, the Dog Star. Twenty-four other gods he created and placed in an egg. But a destined time shall come when it is decreed that Areimanius, engaged in bringing on pestilence and famine, shall by these be utterly annihilated and shall disappear; and then shall the earth become a level plain, and there shall be one manner of life and One form of government. (Rev 17: 13) For a blessed people who shall all speak one tongue. (Didn’t Nimrod try to set up one language/government Genesis 11:6 Sesostris 1 was called Lord/ruler of the Universe”. The Hebrews reversed this to “Mighty/Giant hunter before the Lord“ Keep in mind Babylon is change not confusion). Theopompus says that, according to the sages, one god is to overpower, and the other to be overpowered, each in turn for the space of three thousand years (Rev 20:2), and afterward for another three thousand years they shall fight (Rev 20: 8) and war, and the one shall undo the works of the other, and finally Hades (darkness) shall pass away; then shall the people be happy, and neither shall they need to have food (Rev 22:17) nor shall they cast any shadow (Rev 22:4). And the god, who has contrived to bring about all these things, shall then have quiet (Peace) and shall repose for a time, no long time indeed, but for the god as much as would be a moderate time for a man to sleep. (Job 14:12) Such, then, is the character of the mythology of the sages. (Isis and Osiris By Plutarch). In revelation after evil is conquered there will no longer be any darkness (Rev 22:5). The late last Pope claims Christian souls go from life to light.

    David Icke wrote in his book (The Biggest Secret) that Mithra was another name for Nimrod. I don’t like quoting from Icke because he believes evil aliens have taken the form of human beings to control the world. With myself being a curious detective will track down all leads for any collaborative evidence. If Mithra is Nimrod the Cush man true name is Pharaoh Sesostris who came to the throne in 1897BC (perhaps Mithra is a title?). The Egyptians told folklore stories to Herodotus about an Egyptian King, coming from Ethiopia marched into Mesopotamia and conquered Babylon and Assyria. The Bible calls him Nimrod and Egypt calls him Sesostris which is phonetically similar to the last part of Sesostris name.(101 Myths of the Bible) by Gary Greenberg. Sesostris also conquered Turkey (Asia Minor) the home state of St. Paul and Mithra sect sites. Martin Bernal believes Sesostris invaded Turkey which he claims is the Bible place name for Tubal. And Tubal-Cain is one of Japheth’s son Genesis 10:2 Japheth’s comes from the Egyptian God Ptah who is the discover of fire and crafts. Why is Ptah the god of fire so important? Because two sects of Mithras, Mandaeans and Manicheans mention Ptah as Ptahil a god who rules the world. The Mandaens originally came from Egypt and they regard John the Baptist an alleged Essence member as their greatest leader of their sect Nasurai (adept). They have their own Gospel of John. If their Gospel of John is like the one in the official canons prologue then we have a link with the Memphite theology and its hometown god of Ptah, the discoverer of fire. The Book of John may have been written to woo over the Mandaeans.The Gospel of John is similar to Mithraism with the struggle between light and darkness. We have the Children of light (John 12:36) and the expression He that walketh in darkness” (John 12:35). Paul has the struggle between Light and Darkness (Romans 13:12). In one of the Egyptian legends a Cat being the personification of the sun in The Book of the Dead cuts off the head of a serpent of darkness.

    The Lord's Last Supper was not invented by Paul, but was borrowed by him from Mithraism and Osiris, the mystery religion that existed long before Christianity and was Christianity's chief competitor up until the time of Constantine. The sacrament or Eucharist is of heathen origin. The bread and wine dinner of Melchisedek? His temple was the temple of Jupiter/Amen. Some writers claim the name is synonymous with Moloch. In Mithraism, the central figure is the mythical Mithras, who died for the sins of mankind and was resurrected. Believers in Mithras were rewarded with eternal life. Part of the Mithraic communion liturgy included the words, "He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me shall not know salvation.".
    The early Church Fathers Justin Martyr and Tertullian tried to say that Mithraism copied the Lord's Supper from Christianity, but they were forced to say that demons had copied it since only demons could copy an event in advance of its happening! They could not say that the followers of Mithras had copied it - it was a known fact that Mithraism had included the ritual a long time before Christ was born.

    Where did Mithraism come from? The ancient historian Plutarch mentioned Mithraism in connection with the pirates of Cilicia in Asia Minor (Turkey) encountering the Roman general Pompey in 67 BC. More recently, in 1989 Mithraic scholar David Ulansey wrote a book, The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries, in which he convincingly shows that Mithraism originated in the city of Tarsus in Cilicia. That this is also the home town of the apostle Paul cannot be a coincidence. Acts 9:11 says: “Ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul/Paul”. The Egyptian Mysteries took the form of different names in order to adapt to local conditions so we have Mithra/Osiris in Asia, Zoroaster, Jupiter, Zeus, Athena. Mithra followers at 2nd degree call themselves male-brides carrying lamps. Jesus calls self bride-groom who picks up brides who keep remaining oil in their lamps until Judgment day (Rev 22:5) when darkness is defeated. Mithra followers were lead by a leader called papa (pope).Students of Mithraism follow Jerome in affirming the existence of seven grades: The Raven, Secret one or occult/hidden invisible, Soldier, Lion/Fire, Persian, Sun-runner and Father the most coveted. They had pointy hats like the Popes miter. The name Pater or father in Egypt could be spelled Ptah, who’s father of the gods.

    Contrary to tradition, Constantine did not make Christianity the official state religion of Rome. The state religion of Rome under Constantine was the sun called Sol Invictus. They say the cult of Sol Invictus was Syrian in origin. It contained elements of Baal and Astarte/Hathor worship. (The Tower of Babel/step pyramid built by SESOSTRIS? was also called Temple of Baal/Birs-Nimroud. Archeologists dug up Baal wearing the crown of an Egyptian Pharaoh) Its sun was the attribute of all others Gods. It conveniently harmonized with the cult of Mithras-which was also prevalent in Rome and the empire at the time was also involved in solar worship. Christian orthodoxy had much in common with the cult of Sol Invictus. Christianity had held the Jewish Sabbath of Saturday, as sacred. Constantine did order in 330 to have an obelisk of Osiris set up to his new city of Rome . Also now in accordance with one of Constantine’s edict transferred Saturday to Sunday in honor of the sun. The cult of Sol Invictus (sun) meshed happily with that of Mithras-so much so, indeed, that the two are often confused. In the interest of unity Constantine deliberately chose to blur the distinctions among Christianity, Mithrasism and Sol Invictus-deliberately chose not to see any contradictions among them. In 325AD he convened the Council of Nicea in Turkey to turn Jesus into a God and a Trinity and in this way a mortal man like Jesus could be associated conveniently with Sol Invictus a hard task to accommodate with a mortal human being. In 303AD Diocletian ordered a revisions, edits and rewrites of the official canon. The New Testament as it exist today is a product of fourth-century editors, and writers. After the final rewrite Christianity and is actually closer to those pagan systems of beliefs than it is to its own Judaic origins. When Jesus was changed from a Jewish "Son of David" (human) sitting on David's throne to a divine "Son of God" (God) sitting on a heavenly throne, it became necessary to invent a godlike biography for him. Thus the troublesome virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, etc. The gospels were extensively edited to accommodate the evolving dogma of the church. We can blame it all, not all, on Rome . Also as a side note The Church hierarchy, of course, know all this. They just don’t want you to know. The mystery cult of Mithra spread from Persia to the Roman empire. The Universalism of Catholicism is clearly universal of interwoven pagan beliefs all wrapped into one thread. Unfortunately, the present site of the Vatican in Rome was a sacred place for the followers of Mithra. One of the members of the Mithra Trinity is Isis. Also the priesthood of Melchizedek began making their aprons with lambs wool, a symbol of the Freemasons. Some people think the Sadducees became linked with the Zadokites with the priesthood of Melchizedek. I doubt it. If true Jesus wasn’t a member because they didn’t believe in sprits/demons causing men to do good or evil. Jesus couldn’t cast out evil demons into pigs. Phinehas was a member of this everlasting priesthood of the Levites and he was black/Nubian. The first book of Maccabbees 1:54 calls it everlasting. So we have two everlasting priesthoods? Jesus could have been black because Strabo (64Bc-25AD) reports that Galilee were flooded with Egyptians with Jews having their ancestry from Egypt not Ur. And lets not forget Luke who was a doctor and painter painting Mary black. Mary was not of the Davidic line she was the cousin of Elizabeth who belong to the tribe of Levi. The Levites had a city across from the City of Aton in Egypt. And just as another side note the Catholics don’t allow women priests because Zoroaster was vehemently anti-women. Mithras and Osiris are fossilized forever in the NT and OT like Ants stuck in a jar of Amber.


    The NT Prince of Darkness of Air/Spirit/Amen or Bel (Ephesians 2:2) looks like Areimanius who was symbolic of Darkness in Mithrasism. However, Set of Egyptian religion is the original prototype of Satan who became Apophis a snake and a dragon of darkness who battle the light of Ra (Ancient Egyptian Gods Frankfort p.18). So how did Satan become the form of Bel of the Air in Babylon and a snake of darkness in Egypt. Well first of all the Egyptians gave Belus (Bel) of Babylon permission to train priests under the tutelage of Egyptian priests. Paul says the devil can take on many forms like an angel of light (Mithra was Light and Horus) when he is really darkness (2 Cor 11:14). The Children of Darkness can masquerade too. So in Babylon we can have several different religions merged into one and make it appear to be a substitute of the real deal. Blame it all on Nimrod The Bible has we have the final written version combine several pagan deities. Christianity is a composite, a rainbow coalition of paganism, it is what it is a melting pot of faiths. The main point to grasp is to help you with your own struggle with light and darkness within you. There are no devils coming down from outer space to breed and have humans do their dirty work.

    Nimrod the Cush/Ethiopian was called a giant. The father of history, Herodotus 3:20 said Ethiopians surpassed the rest of humanity in height and best-looking. (African Origin of Civilization, Diop p.56). This statement is confirmed by Isaiah 18:2 calls the Ethiopian “Nation Tall and bronzed“. Check your thesaurus tall and giant match. There were no Nephilim/Giants they were Ethiopians from Africa not outer space. “There were two Ethiopian nations in ancient times. There was an Ethiopian civilization in southern Mesopotamia (Babylon), but the people in this region did not use their tribal name, Ethiopia, to designate their nationality. They called themselves by the name of the cities that they constructed and inhabited” (From Babylon to Timbuktu Windsor p.14). When Sesotris and his son Ammenemes II invaded Troy Homer in his Odyssey 11:520-525 said he (Memmon/ Ammenemes II) was fine and handsome just like Herodotus. And the story of the Trojan horse was the same story of The Shipwrecked Sailor under General Tuthmosis III (1479-1427BC). Josephus reported that Nimrod wanted to build a tower of Babel to save lives just in case of another flood. The Bible says the same thing indirectly by stating they wanted to avoid scattering the peoples again and to make a name for himself. Jesus wanted his followers to stay on top of a housetop until he arrived to avoid a lake of fire/Hot water. The Catholics in their bible notes think Nimrod was Tukulti-Ninurta 13 century BC the first Assyrian conqueror of Babylonia. I say no because he didn’t come from Ethiopia.

    Nero was 666 in John the revelators eyes. The Jews great war with Rome started in 66 and their temple fell in 70. Nero was initiated into Mithra and the magic of the magi. What if Paul a co-founder and major leader of Christianity was assassinated by Nero in 66 instead of the traditional date of 67AD it would add fuel to the fire even more. 666 is linked with the word Crocodile of Egyptian kings who were anointed (Christ/Messiah) with the fat oil of this beast. The Babylonian whore according to Herodotus 1:199 was the goddess Venus/Mylitta where we get the word mulatto. Babylon the great whore would surely be a mixture of Venus/Isis/Astarte/ and Aphrodite commingled in Egypt/Sodom (Rev 11:8) and Babylon. This is strange because Babylon drowned people for adultery. John calls all three great cities great in their evil against Christianity (Rev 16:19). Its part symbolic and part a history lesson of what happened during the time of Nimrod/ Sesostris and what the Roman Empire did and was doing to him and Christians before Rome legalize Christianity for military purpose of saving the State which would crack in half in 410AD. Revelations 17:1-18 picture the kingdom of God coming and destroying Rome in the first century Ad. History records none of this happened within the time frame of those eight Roman Kings/Emperors. John’s revelations was written in 95Ad when Emperor Domitian was persecuting Christians on a very high level. So who are the Kings mentioned in Rev 17:9-12 “Here is a clue for one who has wisdom. The seven heads represent seven hills (Rome) upon which the woman sits. They also represent seven kings. Five have already fallen, one still lives, and the last has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a short while. The beast that existed once but exist no longer is an eight king, but really belongs to the seven and is headed for destruction”…The Lamb will conquer them. The five Roman emperors John was talking about, from Nero to Vespasian , four of whom ruled in 69AD. Christianity shares its responsibility for the fall of the Western Roman Empire by 476 AD but the whole East/West Empires were supposed to crack and collapse within these 8 kings.

    0. Tiberius 14-37Ad Jesus died in 36AD under Tiberius who appointed Caiaphas as Saducee high priest, Herod Antipas lost his job in 39AD and the prefect Pontius Pilate lost his job in 36AD. All three conspired on the life of Jesus

    1. Nero 54-68AD Mr.666 Hater of Christians and admirer of Isis and Mithras
    2. Galba 68-69AD Killed self
    3 Otho 69AD
    4. Vitellius 69AD Murdered
    5. Vespasian 69-79AD
    6 Titus 79-81AD
    7. Domitian 81-96AD Hater of Christians and wore the robe of Isis, Senators plotted to have him struck down, but it was a slave Stephen who killed him. The Senate rescinded all exile orders which allowed John to get off the island of Patmos (Rev 1:9)
    8. Nerva 96-98AD

    John feared their would be another Nero (666) antichrist to harm Christians.
    The whore of Babylon was Hathor/Isis which we already see Roman Kings looked up to.

    Between Nerva to Constantine the Great (306-337AD) there were almost 50 more emperors of Rome and the lamb was supposed to have conquered them but never did. Jesus kingdom of conquering darkness was supposed to come before the generation of his then audience died. John believed it too and tied it in within 8 Roman kings

    Mithra had seven stages of initiation but excluded woman. Ishtar or Astarte from Syrian origin had 7 stages of initiation and is thought Mary Magdalene 7 demons were that or the 7 Hathors of Egypt. The Romans called Astarte Venus. When Apuleius wrote about his initiation into the rites of Isis and Osiris he said for one Venus was another name for Isis and that the priests who helped initiate him bore the name of Mithras saying “Mithras himself washed and sprinkled me with pure water, invoking first the pardon of the gods” (The Golden *** written in 2nd AD). This sounds like baptism for repentance in the NT. Was the priest Mithra’s water the fecundating waters of Venus and or the sprinkling of Holy water, or in an actual immersion as in the cult of Isis? It seems to me a person bearing the name of a founder of a religion is of that religion like in Egypt for those taking the name of Amen. If this is the case they saw no contradiction between Mithras and the rites of Isis.Apuleius also states: “I embraced the priest Mithras”. Its important I note this because S. Angus wrote Mithra/or presiding priest did the baptism. (The Mystery Religions p.97) .Mithraism was basically a religion of soldiers and had little to offer to women. The wives of Mithraists attached themselves to the more feminine cults of the Great Mother and Isis. Apparently the cult of Isis didn’t practice reverse discrimination because they allowed men to participate. And in Egypt the Goddess Neith/Athena was a god of war. If you read the DA Vinci Code it charges that Jesus and Mary Magdalene are playing the roles of reenacting the rites of Osiris, Horus and Isis not as truth but as moral order to implement in life learning lessons. We must not fear to educate ourselves over our pride of hiding ignorance. We must be vigilant to understand that religious fanaticism can take control over a government cause harm and loose our freedom. I would hate to see the world enter a dark age again and have intellectual development cease. I would hate to see an Ice Age of humanitarian concerns frozen with racism of whites seeing blacks as apes instead of an offspring of homo sapiens from Africa. Let us not allow a government to spin us into the stone age with a hair trigger finger on a nuclear bomb. Let us not allow governments to only give us democracy for one day out of 365 days for democracy. We have Black, White, Yellow, Brown and others mixed with a combination of the 4. And we should also live and harmony and peace and not try to dominate and take advantage over each other as if we are on separate teams. America is great for all the good and can become even more greater when everyone is pulling their own wagons. So let us educate each other so we can distinguish the counterfeit from the fake and be aware of dangers before they gain full development and harm.