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    LUCIFER =Venus the Morning star
    By Andre Austin
    “At that time when the dawn (Lucifer/morning star) star passes across earth, harbinger of Light” (The Iliad book 23:225 by homer 800BC)

    “The morning and evening star is of course Venus”-John Allegro quotes Pliny (23AD-79AD) in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross p.111:

    Before the sun revolves, a very large star named Venus, which varies its course alternatively, and whose alternative names in themselves indicate its rivalry with the sun and moon-when in advance and rising before dawn it receives the name of Lucifer, and being another sun and bringing the dawn, whereas when it shines after sunset it is named Vesper, as prolonging the daylight…Consequently there is great competition to give it a name, some having called it Juno, other Isis…” (Natural History Book 2:38)

    On a side note Pliny dedicated his book Natural History to Titus (41AD-81AD) and in a coded manner praised him for the creation of Christianity. The 1623 edition of Shakespeare’s work picked up on this which can be read in Joe Atwill’s “Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah.

    Lucifer is not Satan in the Bible it was based on a Babylonian King who was hostile to the Jews (see Isiah 14:12-15). The book of Revelations calls Jesus the Morning star (Rev 22:16). A star being made up of gas and other elements is harmless unless its falls and hit the earth like a meteorite did to the dinosaurs 63 million years ago. More likely at the writing of Revelations in the 90’s AD was talking about Emperor Domitian who was also a child-killer (Rev 2:22-23) being far removed from the pacifist tax paying Jesus messiah.

    Christians should concern themselves how/why the name Church comes from. “How many people know that the English word “Church” comes directly from the Scottish word “Kirk” comes to us from “Circe” ancient Greek female goddess who tricked and deceived men when they came in to her-and changed them into pigs! [See The Odyssey Book 10:375-465]

    Female Goddess (Circe) = Mother (CHURCH)”- Symbols, Sex, and the Stars Introduction by Jordan Maxwell. Maxwell inherited all of Manly P. Hall (A freemason) private writings and library and brought David Icke to America.

    Titus father was Vespasian and if he invoke a god to heal he could invoke a god/goddess to kill like Circe in the pig incident. Suetonius reports:

    “Apparently the god Serapis (Osiris) had promised them in a dream that if Vespasian would consent to spit in the blind man’s eye and touch the lame man’s leg with his heel, both would be made well” (The Twelve Caesars By Suetonius Vespasian had a dart in his foot shot by a Jewish rebel Book 3 of War of the Jews

    A parody of this incident is recorded in John 9:6 and Mark 8:22-24. It is well known Vespasian & Titus visited the Temple of Isis before they made their seize upon Jerusalem. A careful reading of Luke 8:31-33 of Jesus driving out a herd of pigs over a cliff is a direct parody of Vespasian and Titus driving 2,000 Jews over a cliff to their deaths in War of the Jews 4, 8 419-434. The only difference is that they are transformed into pigs just like the Goddess Circe (Church) did in ancient times.
    The Church nowadays is more concerned about feasting off the sheep and lambs of the church for their assets and tithes and pacifying them into paying taxes to the Federal Reserve/USA government & IRS. Religion Educational Institution, Hollywood, Media is all about training the masses of the people to work in some compartmentalized function for a small group of elite so that they can be millionaires and billionares. They make tokens out of a small group of people to be successful entrepreneurs to make it look like theirs not a fix in the system.

    So the media has made dupes of us looking for Lucifer in the entertainment industry and what parent left their baby to die in the heat of the day while keeping your minds off of the banks, the Intelligence community, Corporations and evil of the mafia church. We can’t wake up and smell the coffee because we waking up smelling the weed.