Black Poetry : Who is God?


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Dec 20, 2004
The rotten Apple
A+ technician
I sit Lotus
not concerned with spookism or hocus pocus
If Jesus was handed a bible
he'd look down and say "who wrote this"
my right hand to Yashu'a Ben Yosef
Psalms 82:6 or John 10:34-35
how come preachers are still scared to quote this
some of them are faker
than the shroud of Turin,
Creflo $, Eddie Long and phony faith healer Benny Hinn
now that I got that off my chest
please allow me to begin again
Peter piper picked peppers
But Bro. Info prefers poetry
Don’t let them fool you with the notion
That the Earth is warming globally
The Earth in this condition
Is it’s natural state
Jena 6 further proves that our former slave master children
Are born with a natural hate
No need for any national debate
Why is Al Sharpton speaking for me
I didn’t give him my consent
Is he a preacher or politician
Either which way, I ain’t giving 10 percent
Black children being killed or locked up
And used for slave labor
While we sit back and wait
On some spook god savior
It’s been 600 years
He ain’t heard our cries
He ain’t seen our tears
He let’s the brave be assassinated
But seems to love those in fear
I can remember a time
In the time of the divine mind
When the divine mind set a time
To create a divine kind
And marked it with a divine sign
Which is why our hair
Is 9 to the 9th power of 9
And our mind is divinely aligned
With all things divine
and our electromagnetism
makes it easy to rhyme
As we are the divine minds
Reflection, any questions
with all 66 sextillion tons of the planet earth on our backs
we still walk upright and some with a bop
to keep us aligned with the 33 1/3 degree axis
and could adjust with no problem if the planet should stop
whoelse could do that
but the God and Goddess
and who would doubt that
but the Godless
let's forego Christmas
and have a Goddess and God fest
for 6 days and 6 nights
cause on the 7th, we know the Goddess and God rest
we are who you are looking for if you only trust yourselves
from the God in me, God bless........................

Bro. Info © 2007


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