Black Poetry : God's Heavenly Tears

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
The brightly warm golden glow
from the a flamed small ebony
wick of a beige wax candle...
Flickers aimlessly as the base is undauntedly uplifted by its wood
carved handle...

As I try to steadily transport it across the darkened room,
there is a sudden flurry
Extinguishing my single source of light
which caused my visual center to become blurry

Panic-stricken, my weakened
legs strode eastwardly back
towards the knee-high
mahogany end table

Searching desperately for dry matches to reignite the flame
in the tiny corner of the gable
As God's heavenly tears boldly precipitated through foggy
patches upon the bruised earth

In complete stillness, I listened as the rains permeated
through the decayed eaves of the hearth
Upon instance of relighting the died-out flame, I slowly
pivoted towards the exit of the dimly lit attic room

This room holds a prosperous family epoch once surrounded by
opulent possessions; and has since been overcome by gloom
As I quickly inserted my splintered forefinger through the empty doorknob hole of the decomposed wooden closet door

Many contented memories flood my mind of the photo albums
and objects kept herein representing our family core
When the squeaking rusted door hinges separated
from the discolored crackled-plaster structure, I seized the chance

To pass through the thickly-
spun spider webs and multitude of dust particles that
over-whelmed my initial glance
After thoroughly examining the concealed musty remnants,

my small veiny cold- blooded right hand forced
the aged door shut
Closing a minuscule portion of
my family's past, leaving it to

weather the storms ahead that
will engulf our summer hut


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