Black People : West Nile virus kills 17 in Texas, sickens hundreds

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... Guess the wind from the planes blew 'em to Cali:

"What our preliminary data is showing is that the aerial planes that are going out are knocking down these mosquitoes," DCHHS director Zachary Thompson told ABC News affiliate WFAA.

West Nile-Related Deaths Confirmed in Texas, California


Texas health department says at least 10 have died from infections

Two West Nile-related deaths were confirmed Tuesday 2,000 miles apart - the 11th confirmed this year in Dallas County, Texas, and the first in Fresno County, Calif.
Nationwide, there have been at least 26 deaths attributed to the West Nile virus this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Fresno County Department of Public Health said an elderly woman was hospitalized for the virus and later died, marking the second West Nile-related death in California in 2012.
"All residents, especially those over 50 years of age and those with chronic health conditions, must take this disease seriously and should take every precaution to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites," said Dr. Edward L. Moreno, director and health officer for the Fresno County Department of Public Health, in a news release. "I also encourage residents to engage the services of their mosquito abatement district, if necessary, to eliminate possible mosquito-breeding sources around their homes."

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In the Spirit of Sankofa,

... The plot thickens Family... smh:

Texas, the state hit hardest by the outbreak, has reported 537 cases of West Nile, close to 300 of which have been the neuroinvasive form. In some parts of the state, officials have begun aerial pesticide spraying to curb the spread of the disease.

West Nile Outbreak Reaches 1,100 Cases in US

The United States is experiencing one of the biggest outbreaks of West Nile virus in history, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
As of Tuesday, 1,118 cases of the mosquito-borne disease had been reported. That's the highest number ever reported at this point in the year since the disease was first detected in the U.S. in 1999. If cases continue to grow at this pace, the West Nile outbreak could be the largest ever in the United States, said Dr. Lyle Petersen, director of the CDC's Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases.
So far, 41 people have died from West Nile infections.

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... Situation still serious:

Other ways to reduce exposure to mosquitoes include: clearing areas with standing water, staying inside during dawn and dust (peak hours for mosquitoes), and limited use of perfumes and scented products that can attract misquotes, Sarrubbo said.

What's the Best Way to Avoid Mosquito Bites?

As the West Nile outbreak grows, many may be looking for the best ways to avoid mosquito bites.
If you decide to try insect repellents, Consumer Reports recommends repellents with DEET as the active ingredient.
In the company's 2010 rankings, four insect repellents with DEET tied for the top score: Off Deep Woods Sportsman II, Cutter Backwoods Unscented, Off FamilyCare Smooth & Dry and 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent 8. These repellents were effective in completely protecting against mosquitoes and ticks for at least eight hours, the organization said.

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Here in Michigan, I just read we've had 3 deaths so far. I'm wondering now if I should be concerned about this.

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... Certainly, and follow the suggestions above to eliminate the possibility. My daughter posted that she had symptoms and didn't know.

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