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    A thought can be made manifest if it collects enough consciousness to form.

    That consciousness has to be scattered to create the elements, physical and non physical, including the plan, the ingredients and materials, the hands and labor to produce the desired product, and the time/labor hours.

    For a free Hiphoppa there is only two laws to reach Love and they are as follows:

    Create only the elements and collect only the consciousness that yields the end result of the manifestation of Divine Love

    If consciousness desires the present state or condition, refrain from partaking in the unnecessary food for thought and allow your own peace of consciousness (my portion of GOD), to become aware.

    The true majority of this world does not desire change, only re form, which are two totally different concepts.

    My truth is that I have no wishes or commands for God, I only speak for myself when I say,

    I could never knowingly create destruction with the wisdom and overstanding that such action literally hurts and pains GOD and works in opposition to the manifestation of the reality of peace.

    I am the minority of the genetic make-up of my being,

    but my essence is aware, that even perpetuated thoughts expire in time.

    I don't need force, or rather to apply force.

    I made certain to get the meaning so I would not ask unnecessary wishes upon God.

    This is what your woman is about, and I don't need to shout it.

    I am it.