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Dec 25, 2015
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Poimandres ( "I Thy God am the Light and the Mind which were before substance was divided from spirit and darkness from Light. And the Word which appeared as a pillar of flame out of the darkness is the Son of God, born of the mystery of the Mind. The name of that Word is Reason. Reason is the offspring of Thought and Reason shall divide the Light from the darkness and establish Truth in the midst of the waters."

Thoth is associated with several instances of supporting disobedience against the will of Re. The first time occurred when Re refused to allow his grand daughter Nut to give birth during the days he created in hopes of stopping her offspring from taking over his powers. Thoth bargained with the moon and gave her 5 extra days for the births of her children. It is speculated that Thoth a moon god was in love with Nut himself and was the father of one of her daughters Aset.

He later helped Aset with a spell to resurrect her husband Asar after he was killed by their brother Seth, and promised to protect her son Heru and help make him ruler over all of ta Kmt. Thoth was also the one who told Aset how to trick Ra out of his greatest power, by learning his true name. He was paired with Maat and together they had Khuso the lord of the moon. When Re retired from the earth, he appointed Thoth and told him of his desire to create a Light-soul in the Duat and in the Land of the Caves, and it was over this region that the sun god appointed Thoth to rule, ordering him to keep a register of those who were there, and to mete out just punishments to them. Thoth became the representation of Re in the afterlife, seen at the judgment of the dead in the ‘Halls of the Double Ma'at’.

The magical powers of Thoth were so great, that the Egyptians had tales of a 'Book of Thoth’, which would allow a person who read the sacred book to become the most powerful magician in the world. The Book which “the god of knowledge wrote with his own hand” was, though, a deadly book that brought nothing but pain and tragedy to those that read it, despite finding out about the “secrets of the gods themselves” and “all that is hidden in the stars”. Both Thoth and Aset/Isis are heavily associated with magic and trickery.

The highest levels of spiritual practice students master the ability to stop thought (Thoth) and thereby have knowledge downloaded from the higher (“heavenly”) regions of the “unconscious,” the part of spirit that the Egyptians called the Khu (Chia in the Qaballah system). "the Khu was a light in your mind while you lived, but in death, it must return to heaven."

The ability to obtain knowledge from the all-knowing, indwelling divinity is called “wisdom” (intuition). It provides direct knowing, as opposed to learning through going through a symbolic thought process.


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