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  • Eye will publish your book, My Love "Rest In Power
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    Good to see you Sister, and a beautiful sentiment. No surprise coming from you ... :heart: ... Love You! <3
    Hey Keita! I still read posts here, and when I read yours asking if anyone had heard from me, I decided not to just chill...and log on. :) I am doing well, I thank you for inquiring. And I hope life is treating you well also.
    Anytime We as a People are Not Having Our Way, Somebody else is having theirs...and it's usually to our detriment!!
    Keita, how're you doin man! Great to see you're still writing here, and still givin us more wisdom than we can handle.

    I read you're in Canada now. How're you holdin up?
    I don't know why our exchanges abruptly ended...So please do get back in contact with me again...Thank you! FYI...
    Brother Keita ... i need you to test the new live debate setup with me when you get a chance ... you'll need to have a few minutes to spare, and be cam and mic ready ... Love You! <3
    HELLO MY Brother I'm lookng forward to moving upward,so to speak,with my spirtual life. Do You think that a seizure(I have had them all my lfe)can take you to the next spirtual plane? Have You ever read anything on this? Thanks
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