Black People : Sistah Souljah Is The Truth!

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    ...that WE either never knew or forgot!

    At the Rainbow Coalition Convention on June 13, 1992 sponsored by "Messy Jessy" -- Governor Bill Clinton (eg. running for the highest office in the land) decided to crash the party and kill 2 black birds with one stone.

    In a previous interview Sistah Souljah is quoted as having said:

    ""...If black people kill black people every day," she'd said, "why not have a week and kill white people?..."

    Bill Clinton effectively silenced Lisa Williamson Rich by comparing her to David Duke he was calling her a racist when 'collectively' black people have no money or power, 95% still work for other people -- therefore are "only" victims of racism.

    He said: "If you took the words, 'white' and 'black' and you reversed them, you might think David Duke was giving that speech," said Governor Clinton.

    "...This so-called "Sister Souljah moment" - a calculated denunciation of an extremist position or special interest group - wrapped Clinton in a warm centrist glow just in time for the general election..."

    Instead of silence, Sistah Souljah should have said: "If we painted you in black face and swirled you around 13 times you'd look just like any other black man instead of a white man running for the highest office in the land who has unsuccessfully attempted to crash a black event that you were not previously personally invited - Boy Bye!"

    He was a sob then and now. Ain't nothing changed. My memory is back in tack...Vote for Hillary Clinton. I don't think so. The 90% that voted for Barack H. Obama need to switch to an 'independent' ticket, shake up the political arena and gain some much needed leverage....!

    Question: In all this time why haven't black people figured out that neither party is gonna get them that verbal, empty proclaimaion of 40-acres and a mule? What we need to do is take that 93% and place it on the independent ticket and see how fast thangs change!

    The use of the term was and still is a mockery that openly muffles the black voice!