Black People : Ontario doctors want to launch clinic devoted solely to medical marijuana

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    …An Ontario doctor and his partner are testing the waters for what could become Canada's first medical clinic devoted to treating patients with pot.
    The National Post reports Dr. Danial Schecter and a colleague are taking careful steps to develop a practice that would assess patients for the suitability of medical marijuana prescriptions. The clinic would also act as a pot dispensary, the Post says.
    Schecter currently operates something called Georgian Bay House Calls, which as the name suggests, sends doctors to the homes of people who can't come into to their office.
    The Cannabinoid Medical Clinic isn't open yet, though it does have a web site. Schecter told the Post he and his partner are moving slowly.
    “At the moment, we’re reticent to go full steam ahead … until we can get our lawyers to be more confident that we won’t be putting our licences and careers and livelihoods in jeopardy,” said Schecter, whose current practice is based in Midland, Ont.
    “If physicians are seen making lots of money off of cannabis, that’s not going to look good.”
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    Schecter only has to look at what happened to Dr. Rob Kamermans and his wife, Mary, of Coe Hill, Ont., who have been charged with issuing