Black People : Veteran Doctors Vs. Regular Doctors

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    I wonder if a veteran affairs doctor (covered by military insurance) is better than a regular doctor (covered by private insurance). If so, why and if not, why not?
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    I've heard horror stories concerning VA doctors, but I've also heard horror stories of regular doctors.

    The VA Medical System is a Horror Story and I Was the Main Character

    Jimmy Benevicci, Yahoo! Contributor Network
    This article may infuriate you, and the subject matter is ugly, so if you aren't in the mood to read about how poorly the U.S. Government treats disabled Veterans, don't read on.

    I went into the military as fit and healthy as a young male could be. The photo is me holding an M60 rifle, 21 and absolutely ready to take on the world. The contract I signed with the US Military was one of a two way promise: I will risk five years of my life and in turn you will feed, house and train me, and give me medical treatment for the rest of my life if I am injured while enlisted. I never dreamed that I would end up having to fight to try to collect on the medical portion of the agreement. When you are young, you consider yourself invincible and rarely envision yourself as injured when you view the future...but, I was...when a huge 3000 pound cargo crate fell on me when we were loading up and getting ready to go back to the States.

    Sitting down to write this, I still find myself in awe as I recall how, time and time again the VA medical system would fight me tooth and nail as they denied that I had any health, back problems or damaged vertebrae. I had physical proof, I had witnesses, and it was documented to a T, but...they still denied it. Out of sheer exasperation and in sheer pain, I finally went to the Minneapolis Spine Center (Minneapolis, MN.) In less than three hours, they told me that there was no question why I was in pain and that the six vertebrae in my neck and back were visibly damaged. (as further evidenced by the X-rays they took that day.) In one day and at my expense I had achieved more medical progress in diagnosing my medical problems than the VA had done in 20 some years!


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