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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
Him took me by the waist spun me around
the sun glistening in the background
he say, why so sad come with me
She say, not sad resigned who you be
he say, i’m love in totality
born of spirit and morality
One without shape or form
in your mind i am the norm
a thing of beautiful untouched
who loves you more than too much
no other than your right side
within pure love reside
one day find myself online
sharing what’s on my mind
lyrics aged like fine wine
reach Him heart
He say, She a hot bard
and a sweetheart
and didn’t ask my name
just started filling up my brain
with pretty poetry just the same
she play a lot of hopscotch
childlike a deceiver she is not
secure in God’s palm
dancing and humming psalms
reaching down from the moon
her eyes scan the room
find mine say, you will witness Love soon
when in love you can bathe and soak your words
into a delicate creamy lyrical custard
that tastes good to the hurt
cause She know how to flirt
as poems breathe through her skin
comforting rhyming boys and men
long enough for them to rap
and place in her hand a well deserved map
it didn’t matter who you are
I loved you pure and from afar
there is no harm in my intent
peace is all that is meant
he say, it’s fun to play with her head
She say, prefer share inner divinity instead
lyrically sip wine and break bread
do what by My Spiritual Guides i am told
reveal to My Him what lingers in my soul
through the written word and heavenly reflection
using common speak and proper diction
remaining true to my visions and myself
even when other’s try to take my joy through theft
as i skip on down this path
calculating using old math


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