Black Poetry : HE SAID in order to receive fame one must achieve his or her aim // a breach of regulation caused

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    in order to receive fame one must achieve his or her aim //
    a breach of regulation caused VIRGINIA BEACH devastation //
    and of course cake is satisfaction so i take action by //
    rapping to chicks and things be happening quick really try //
    to get dates for wet cake can't forget the great attempts //
    that wimps make, this is all habits and happen to glimpse //
    at my room and it all habits ready to install cabinets //
    and every Fall hunt rabbits don't stunt take diabetic tablets //
    have bitter verbs but consider my words don't want to embarrass //
    anyone but get plenty done through writing and like MAJOR HARRIS //
    "Love Won't Let me Wait" babble codes and travel on roads for twenty //
    miles get plenty smiles from folks keep dumb hopes alive helped many //
    see a girl flirting free to a certain degree fine as cat hair her stats //
    don't compare to a regular chick better rap quick she may strut off, hats //
    off to her, this local matter is social strata and this girl could shatter //
    my dream but on a platter she can serve cream to me and that's love data //
    with my style I dispatch while still attached to microphones latch down domes //
    gonna dodge pistols but larger missiles could explode, would erode peace phones //
    get dialed best steer clear of this "NEVER FEAR FOR a kiss boo sprung for some //
    tongue your lips look red shook my head amazed wanna kiss brief in disbelief //
    stop me in my tracks begin to act funny, this honey straight had me beef //
    no where to be founded was happy to be around this girl is never in grief //
    boo I've shown today that I'm blown away by your beauty girl you brown //
    and I'm a hound wanna go downtown and hunt for some cake let me crown //
    you queen you renown at the scene you're a clever female and I'll never //
    fail to kiss your lips I come with brisk scripts you twist hip on endeavors //
    you a queen sweaty and you seem so ready extreme confetti should be //
    thrown up, my groove is ready but i move unsteady when I sip a spree //
    of Boone Farm wine could harm my mind" "OH A BROWN SOUL SISTA go //
    through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH my dress half open, breast smoking oh //
    I see a boy hoping he can get some right now my mini-dress is down //
    boys wanna mess around with that and caress my brown body and hound //
    ok i got cake breasts and cream lets make this less extreme for an affair //
    you an odd guy with crews need to modify your views so with a smooth
    kiss you can improve this, in a significant way it's a different day,strange twist //
    in America when there's a change of character, a queen with a theme and //
    boys dream of getting some, I REMEMBER I STRUT butt in a bar had a plan //
    shared my ability now scared silly as i walk pass boys talk fast now stand //
    and look around shook and brown hot and true tonight lights not too bright //
    so i can chill and sip, boys thrill over my hips and so like GLADYS KNIGHT //
    AND PIPS this could be a "Midnight Train to Georgia" I've reach that height //
    "I BE IN need of love to succeed in a club but now at a bar jest need a car //
    A guy no; doubt cry out for pie and shout, about to lose my mind so far //
    ready to do all sorts of tricks really short on chicks to much on the street I // search we should keep in touch, wear brave bling name engraved on my // ring, girl I crave for your thing then behave and sing a song and really try //
    and convince you boo after hood rapping what would happen if i pulled a chick real quick? //
    must not find garbage need just the kind of knowledge that's sick //
    enough to get me ahead lots of stuff misled me and now angry about //
    that, some dudes use galore word but some girls ignore nerds no doubt //
    and walk on by like ISAAC HAYES, come to food have a dumb attitude //
    I'll have just a little I must fiddle with this on a diet and a strong rude //
    riot going on inside my stomach you know this is a true flow in the mood //
    to elude folks, went out my way to pay rent today, talked to some chicks //
    see affairs and have dinner too prepare for interview but my head quick //
    went blank, look can't dodge home have to charge my phone my garage //
    known to have a Lex and girls grab the kotex before we go sex camouflage //
    strategy applied but my battery just died need jumper cables before //
    I'm able to start the car its parked at the bar, "SO BOO let me take this //
    get cake and kiss before your thing is wet out of control I wear bling brisk //
    let me hold your hand i'll be your old man, "NAW PLAYER see art and my //
    remark open to criticism plus they smoking with wisdom so for real I try //
    escape but this boy want cake right here in VIRGINIA BEACH to REDBONES //
    they put me on their bike, head home, dress up, breasts to suck tones //
    in my ears got on a min-skirt not jest any jerk can rap to me has to be //
    a Harley Davidson Man, i got lace and proud boys chase the clouds free //
    through the wind and it's a true trend in VIRGINIA BEACH i hear galore //
    with my ear to the door noise of bedsprings make my head ring and more //
    to come I REMEMBER I was in the store, boy saw me adore, emotion soar //
    he wanted what's under my skirt oops! thunder alert oh my body perk like //
    coffee as it twerk softly had a brown round butt and renown luck all type //
    of phat glamour and that hammer a boy's eyes so they toys with pies and //
    and try get some, now this biker boy walks up "LOOK BOO I got a plan //
    have stony facts just got off a pony's back, have the voice of a Iron Horse //
    which is the original Harley so my choice is you boo, you clever in leather //
    which is cowhide and somehow ride or die chick is you boo, so forever //
    in the sunset i bet you so much fun and wet ”NAW PLAYER my candies are //
    fly and I try keep my panties dry but juice multiply sometime in a boy's car //
    keep Kleenex tissue for a complex issue like this because a slight kiss is far //
    too much of a risk, it's so old fashion to be controlled by passion and you //
    must wear bling and lust for my thing so in this store emotions begin to //
    soar that I can't ignore, “HERE TO MAKE your road straight because you //
    have a load of cake my aim is to go to bed while your lips glow red so boo //
    I know ahead of time on this, you got sincere breasts and behavior your body //
    clear fresh flavor so my dear your breasts are major so lets have a party //
    like a cow I see pastures fast and be after grass you wet tonight and I set //
    my sights on you boo
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    Totally hood and morally good in my car must ride //
    And it’s justified by my dubs when I roll to clubs hide //
    My girl. Boys try rap to her and perhaps prefer to dance //
    Now I'm here alone and it appear some strong chance //
    That some love exist and a thug is off into this romance //
    In the paperwork and the vapor perk from perfume “SO //
    Boom let go to the room you in a mini-dress and I’m loco //
    Girl your tight body quite right tonight I just can’t criticize //
    Look witty and wise and city boys surprised P DIDDY eyes //
    Open to this, girl you must pause this is a just cause lead //
    To a date in a democratic society get static in variety proceed //
    To mix it up while I fix a cup of cocoa gone loco on chocolate //
    In the car use seatbelt at the bar let the streets help rocket //
    To the moon, deliver a speech words like a river they reach //
    Shore and teach more folks, I soar in quotes in VIRGINIA BEACH //
    Address a love letter see mad breasts can hug forever, never get //
    Tired, got class and writing and like a flash of lightning wet //
    And leave jagged lines across the sky and girl you have some
    Boss pie, I toss flow and like a crossbow shoot for a target, yum //
    Get a cute on the carpet, “THE NEWS is flying that you accused //
    Of trying to get a date coupled wit some wet cake I'm not amused //
    Downstairs i have brown hairs don’t mess around in affairs lose //
    Boyfriends like that doe, my lips a shade of red but I'm afraid
    Of the bed