Black Poetry : HE SAID: Everything prevail in order need a pail of water to cool off // And school cost nowadays a

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    HE SAID:

    Everything prevail in order need a pail of water to cool off //
    And school cost nowadays and this somehow sways to lost //
    Attendance and Grammar is a pathetic storm in poetic form //
    For the bitter worse some compose a twitter verse as the norm //
    Got pride like URKEL then divide a circle into equal parts and get //
    Legal art out of that, look these maybe dumb quotes but some folks //
    Listen and that matter, now this is BLACK HIP HOP on wheels, woke //
    Cats up with flip flop deals and that real, above the rim strong and //
    Like a gemstone I shine with fine rhymes right here in homeland //
    Of VIRGINIA BEACH, comes to girls we pursue and kiss their hands //
    True taking a brisk stand on date tribal get cake on arrival and demands //
    For kisses does exist, “SO LOOK BOO my English is clear had a distinguish //
    Career got hands on cakes like horny candidates stony debates bring this //
    At home rhyme to impress and it may take you a long time to get dressed //
    This is a phat story and wise that’s categorized as desperate nonetheless //
    Weigh in as champ and your damp panties will approve of my groove which //
    Is smooth, your pie for me don’t try flee when it reach a high degree itch //
    For some, body sweaty and settle but heavy metal on the love talk so switch //
    Way do I go? Feel or express deal with breasts and reveal sex the best boo //
    Need a kiss to proceed with this so boo feed my wish let’s hold hands, do //
    What we do, a merry thing to carry or bring beauty with hips and breasts //
    wow jive great this drive takes girls out for jive cake and never arrive late //
    For this occasion got a pack of facts to smack the whack with a headache //
    But boo your lips are red cake and the bed awaits us” queen size while //
    The cream flies but at the club we live in peace give feast to love and smile //
    I dodge the block because a large flock of thugs hang out there avoid wild //
    Drama, got luck and pride and must duck inside your doorway love shrapnel //
    Rain down, your body very sweet and it carry heat a secretary and rap well //
    gem is a jewel my whip has twenty’s rim need fuel a verse is part of song //
    get with her and start home a shopping cart along with my smart phone //
    Could tell a story, above the rim in space and this film is based on chrome //
    SO LOOK had a sweet ride saw a black honey unique thighs I keep my eyes //
    on my words to cut through red tape get chick in bed for cake this describes //
    Stuff not a jive bluff with eardrums she’ll hear my dear hon wow her lips so //
    Soft scripts false are not real but I have a hot deal for her take trips go //
    Downtown and hound around can’t frown on that it’s what lovers do my afro //
    Greased so please no JHERI CURL this very girl could be my girlfriend later //
    She amaze with stats boys gaze at that I’m in a daze with a hat on no hater //
    And like KEVIN DURANT wanna slam-dunk some cupcakes that butt not fake //
    So play on playette you stay wet, my words new so observe the view cake //
    In a plate my flow in the air each day we can ride down PROFAIR WAY, date //
    On LORD DUNMORE DRIVE have fun galore in strive let me open the door to
    My ride let you sit on dubs ride to git to clubs lips collide in love before you //
    Say nope i stay dope, may hope for a date, so I’m in the hummer to spend //
    My summer vacation begin with your cell number we can text a love trend //
    On the cell phone have swell times at home” “WELL OK player what’s new? //
    I’m hot and fine your words not genuine wanna play hop-scotch because //
    I’m top-notch my quotes fiery like notes in a diary not an inquiry so pause //
    My sex breasts protrude and express attitude and mood I’m a honey dope //
    Not a funny joke and crummy quotes anger even a stranger just can’t cope //
    With that, with love talk use words able to be spoken got grits on the table //
    Smoking got eggs to spread and boys beg for the bed they want my bagel //
    For real, oh gosh my thing is hot and I sing a lot in the right frame of mind //
    Body flame sometime in VIRGINIA BEACH wet forever if we get together //
    Bold on the road with a whole episode a strange affair change the air never //
    Trust men they like a gust of wind blow in our ears hit the skins and leave //
    Need quick luck I’m about get picked up right here at KROGER’S he squeeze //
    My waist and beg please for lace and kissed my lips I couldn’t go anywhere //
    For tongue plenty there oh gosh a Black Soul Sister go through a lot, share //
    Love, true cultures and new structures here in Virginia Beach girls are aware //
    a problem do exist one true kiss and it could blow up in your face and a boy //
    Will get do-nut and lace, as far as leaving this place you squeezing to enjoy //
    my waist look “BOO I wanna “Rock Wit’cha” like BOBBY BROWN let me rush //
    To improve your CRUSH GROOVE you “Give Good Love” like WHITNEY blush //
    Cheeks, you kiss boss like KRISS KROSS make me wanna “Jump” so hush //
    Let's go home” “OK but we jest gonna talk or I’m gonna wanna walk brush //
    The dirt off my feet I’m an alert sweet and I flirt heat and twerk to a beat //
    So this is black HIP HOP and fact is he kissed my lips a lot and call me sweet //
    Before we arrived at his place didn’t knock on the door I was more shock //
    The door locked the panties I wore are hot jest some thin silk he jest unlock //
    The door guess I’m his girlfriend and that’s that we end up at his home to //
    bone, gave me a divine hug as a sign of love we kiss and huddle what to do //
    Reminisce a puddle of juice down there oh black Soul Sisters get trapped //
    Oh a slurpy smooch and a syrupy cooch my thing turn biscuit and perhaps //
    He got it twisted nothing is ballistic he wanna kiss it, have sincere pie and //
    Like an expanse of clear sky it’s fly and boys try get some and come by land //
    With horse and buggy use their voice and drink bubbly

    “NAW PLAYER I’m the hot type not ripe like green fruit a queen cute excel //
    In love affairs, sweaty and sweet boys be ready to eat have to stop them by //
    Closing my thighs and opposing lies that be exposing my pies above the rim //
    Try slam-dunk my panties, so I’m fly at KROGERS to buy FOLGERS wear tims //
    Right here in front of PROVIDENCE ROAD, convinced a load of boys is up in //
    In here, drink water and think in order boys attempt ill codes and try win //
    Here in front of KEMPSVILLE ROAD, donate to love and locate clubs throw //
    Cakes and hugs then go date thugs, I think you on the brink of a flow //
    To try and get some i met one boy really tried to hit my skins while I //
    Was wit friends, a menu of absurd fact bring words into contact with pie //
    survive with pies and thighs now see A FIVE GUYS HAMBURGER AND FRIES //
    Across the street I guess I’m a girl soft and sweet strut butt boys surprise //
    A Black Soul Sister go through a lot need a true drop top to think wise //
    About this, AJ GATORS across the street having a group of luck but feel //
    Coop up, sturdy freak trend on a dirty weekend so my emotions revealed //
    Not gonna pull my dress up jest to get my breasts sucked that’s the real
    DeaL HOLIFIELD, brain beginning to load we can ride down MINDEN ROAD //
    Due to confusion there’s a true illusion about us being on a date that towed //
    My mind to a new territory with a love chain and the club remain the code //
    For a hang out, you continue to exist with a menu and a kiss my body mode //
    Is not that of a playground so why stay around? Y flirt is revealing and that //
    work on the feelings of boys, they come with game not a dumb dame phat //
    And all that, you have game and stats and you aim at getting me in bed my //
    Perfume bossy but never assume falsely that I’m easy prey boys really try //
    And fail and yet my wet pie prevail intact