Black Poetry : she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA in a minnie skirt plenty of work exist after any kind of kiss, SHE SAID: her body has plenty butter why look any furher it's

so, would bananas
improve his health.
oh well he thinks not.
see a girl her thing pink and hot.
he just stuck his hand under her dress.
to finger her cake looked at her breasts.
and kissed her red lips.
that made his head trip.
oh, she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, a bad dream.
could lead to mad cream.
in bed, oh a boy unzipped.
and boys wanna lip lock
and from their head sweat drip drop
oh, a girl with a wise treasure.
use exercise and pleasure.
oh, a girl marry in peace.
somehow her salary increase.
oh, a girl with intense proud quotes.
now speak to a dense crowd of folks
and that's cause.
for an online applause
it may be time to pause.
dang here come SANTA CLAUS


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