Black Poetry : HE SAID: Adore quotes take galore notes never ignore folks drink more coke // Than TV commercials wa

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    HE SAID:

    Adore quotes take galore notes never ignore folks drink more coke //
    Than TV commercials wanna be MVP like HERSCHEL WALKER but nope //
    Won’t kneel to that city stupidity, have to duck that and will pick up //
    Bat, so hold my hat got bold stats my goal to be at the top kick butt //
    To get there, yet aware haters are invaders and debaters on how one //
    Should live their life don’t give good advice about much out for a dumb //
    Search for trouble, must find a parking space my mind starting to waste //
    Here in the sun and it’s fearsome it’s a sincere run to insanity can taste //
    Success and face the best then disgrace the rest but in a race I suggest //
    You have some sneeks on feet to run the street no fun being weak, less //
    In dire straits and desire cakes but it require some great lovetalk bless //
    With words to test the nerves of a girl and observe worlds of beauty //
    If it’s not bright and hot could end in a tight spot so HIP HOP my duty //
    So this girl have butt I see and I maybe up a tree like squirrels for nuts
    The way this girl hurls butt it’s love and respect at the club get //
    Checked for a club card need to take a hot bath then plot paths yet //
    To succeed in society read a variety of books come with extreme flows //
    Wearing clean clothes embrace my attitude and taste food so there goes //
    My skills these flows build confidence in a sense now this is BLACK HIPHOP //
    Now I’m at REDBONES will soon head home man can’t live by bread alone //
    Need a girl that can feed my world sweetness if I don’t find that I’m gone //
    No doubt ready for cake so I need a steady date hormones continuous and //
    Tremendous the love plague burns in vague terms on each page learn plans //
    And turn land like a horse and plow with my voice somehow reach chicks //
    From VIRGINIA BEACH quick, must come up with a speech slick so bricks //
    Become sundried clay get a girl take a fun ride today have tons of jive to //
    Say like baby boo who you been giving it too I’m living through //
    a hormone crisis be home with ices in my drink so I sip on brew //
    Then skip to mulu and my lips need a boo it’s crazy to assume //
    That perfume don’t turn me on right here at REDBONES so boom //
    My head got a love jones won’t go to the club alone that’s kinda retard //
    outfront girls complex and sweet and HEX STREET to the right its hard //
    To be humble, promoting go well like floating hotels replete with shops //
    These sweets are hot must speak a lot to get one on my dyna glide plot //
    Must be good see a fudge chick ready to indulge quick this could be hot //
    So at the bar pour wine she is far more fine than a regular chick she’s not //
    A VIRGINIA BEACH chick she’s a CHESAPEAKE thick I have to speak quick //
    My philosophy in shambles so can i possibly handle her with raps they slick //
    Stuff, expect her to appreciate how I wreck cats and create new stats a true //
    Hat i wear, stuff I do phat who dare say different stay magnificent with crew //
    I got a pearl white super glide i bought at southside from BUCK and DUCK //
    Approved by STEVE recommended by JOE shown to me by JENNIFER up //
    Plus ART was a part and EVA made a believer out of me and KEVIN knows //
    SHOVELHEADS, SHAUN good with tools BRYAN hot with knowledge holds //
    Degree as a mechanic, never see Southside Harley panic so my Titanic folds //
    But never sinks, I drink wine bike have a distinct design color pink is fine //
    On a girl my mind equipped with wishes look at her lips make wishes time //
    To put cake on dishes a nice queen with ice cream wanna lick some pie //
    In the wind on a HARLEY super glide 2005 FXDCI complex but I be fly //
    “SO LOOK BOO travel on gravel and have come a long way it’s a strong //
    Day, rattled and deal hard right here on BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD, shown //
    SEVEN ELEVEN to the right a true sight to the left true and deft and known //
    For a ready made slurpee even EDDIE MURPHY knows, forever on the block //
    like BEVERLY HILLS COP, some cats minds are hollow need help should stop //
    And follow in the footsteps of reality, leave tracks and receive facts just lust //
    Alone cause damage, flow very plain a ride down SNOWBERRY LANE must //
    Find a blinding code down a winding road park on the shoulder and boo plus //
    We can start all over, we in the outside lane with pride and fame, accelerate //
    The bike and devastate with hype proceed fly need some pie to dominate //
    Eating jello beating the strings of a cello and boo your thing is mellow plate //
    Full can devastate a bull with all the chief beef I get is transform into hate //
    Ride my bike and prevail hype, pick up some fishtail pipes on trail, elevate //
    Hit the throttle here after a bottled beer, luck unique boss hype like them //
    upsweep exhaust pipes, girl your cake crumbs hot I wanna come out slim //
    And on top, have vision but this mission can’t possibly succeed without love //
    I’m out and about in clubs answers not to be founded but do get hot hugs //
    From dancers hanging around great but I wanna be banging your pound //
    Cake, from the streets boo let me speak to you must keep true and renown //
    In a state of suspended animation a splendid situation spend the summer //
    In my hummer sex remain but don’t get to explain the whole game number //
    One on my list lots of fun jest to kiss and reminisce can’t be a clown //
    With this, come with absurd words drums are heard from the street weak //
    Mean not strong know you wanna stop by my home and get some sweet //

    NAW PLAYER my cake is made, you don’ t make the grade, down //
    With whatever and wear brown leather when I’m a ride or die chick phat at //
    REDBONES, wimps thrilled by the load to the right KEMPSVILLE ROAD, stats //
    High boys take hats off to my pie, slaving in the lab saving vocab and that’s //
    Heavy like paving slabs results a scandal, difficult to handle I don’t gamble //
    Got thought and images get caught in scrimmages then heart ramble //
    You call for cake and hype while you fall from great height best sprout wings //
    No doubt you bling is fly you want my thing i call it pie my doorbell get rings //
    Boys see romance and be in a trance boys their knees even in France they //
    stare into space aware of lace who cares about the chase be quick to stay //
    At CHICK FILLET for a light meal tonight feel hungry saw a cow wear a sign //
    read “Eat more chikin” got no beef wit that, when I’m there at a party time //
    To be aware of my body it get wet and hot so wow let not my dreary mind //
    Wander, oceans of sex preferred so your emotions stirred so I best leave or //
    Get my wet breasts squeezed nipples and all that triple the milk fall for //
    Sucking and kiss wow I’m ducking this could be a breast test no mistake //
    Far as love it’s a dumb dose which come close to getting me in bed for cake //
    Shout draw a sketch, your raw arms outstretched for me to fall in them wait //
    Not so fast I’m hot got class, body has plenty to huff and puff on but don’t //
    Touch any of my stuff until we get home in this game a dame learn I won’t //
    Remain firm the game could turn in the wrong direction and a boy will have //
    You home getting affection yelling and going crazy on it and a girl will grab //
    The napkins after that, you wanna make a phat deal and try use my thing //
    At a meal a hot females wet like cocktails, words are rude but have wings //
    And serve food to whack cats so digest the facts and stats so it’s stuff to see //
    My aim is to get flowers with my brain powers keep my mind on the job be //
    Fine and involved being a cutie brown and booty round your duty is to see //
    And hound me for some it is what it is, sex flirt reals I’m expert in the field //
    Of love so boys come with some dumb tongue trying to get some not a deal //
    I try duck before they eat my pie up I mean you fly but got struck for real //
    With teasing with lace a boy will start squeezing my waist and then ramble //
    By pleasing my taste sexually, oh gosh this hogwash I’m leaving that place //
    Wear boss perfumes and walk across the room got my lips kissed and waist //
    Embraced by a boy try toy with my emotions the streets not right a race //
    To keep out of sight because boys attract with bait then attack cake with //
    A bunch of kisses, want nice hugs so you entice kittens from clubs swift //
    A wiry affair can cause a fiery glare and flashes of lightning and crashes //
    Exciting parties that was planned in advance which demand romance, lashes //
    Out GREAT BRIDGE is the best, also have RIDGECREST PLACE wow this kid //
    At my lace and I’m getting hot panties wetting a lot I’m not letting you hop //
    On top so stop forever rapping but never happen, but do have a soft spot //
    Lost a lot in my extreme dream,” so look boo