Black Poetry : she was a KOREAN CHICK and quick to turn boys down they want thick tongue SHE SAID: she take a shower smooth with the power to move let water stream d

and she's not dumb or misled.
this boy phoned her from the hotel.
wanna come to her home he flows well.
oh, thin panties and breasts poking.
wearing a gown and it's open.
oh, a girl stays with sweet breasts.
that's not a display of deep stress.
this hood stuff.
is good enough.
to get cake involved
so great job
devasted with a true flow
they store food from crops.
dominate with quotes.
that accommodate folks.
HE SAID: this is a hard trail.
and like a guardrail
impossible the crash through
but he really wants a fast true.
kiss in all this, oh she's blessed.
and horny with a testimony that'll test.
a boy's hormones at home her breasts
skeet milk on sheets and quilt suggest.
she best ducks her head.


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