Black Poetry : EDWIN DRIVE #1 It's the order of time that slaughter minds drink dirty // water and wine a dumb dis


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May 11, 2006
It's the order of time that slaughter minds drink dirty //
water and wine a dumb disaster come after some wordy //
love talk in the form of BLACK HIP HOP my aim is to get //
affection while moving in the same direction so I need a wet //
girl as sweat is hurled from my forehead really adore her red //
lips a lot, “SO BOO my facts perk and I'm back to work in VIRGINIA //
BEACH trying to become one of the best to ever do this a ninja //
Turtle can hurtle most these weak cats, so boo where's your man? //
At?” “oh he's home” so I wanna win your romance and then plan //
to begin a dance, like P DIDDY been around the world and your skin //
is brown girl take you to town and buy pearls you like that girlfriend?” //
“naw better not but that is a clever plot, think you're trying to get some //
doe, because boys look at my thighs and be shook wanting pies come //
with love line and want hugs all the time, one boy said boo lets be real //
then tried to sneak a feel I caught his hand just in time emotions revealed //
that he wanted some bad, my feeling hidden in a way didn't know what //
to say he jest ran away,” “the best we can share girl your breasts are up //
and out there, they're bless and I care, this is a sweet alert and my feet hurt //
boo you be wet at home so lets get it on I bet when you alone your body perk //
softly like coffee that I sip with my lips wanna boast about your toast and butter //
your butter is sweet don't want these other creeps to have none so let me utter //
in your ear” “my flow have you kissing so lets go listen to some BLACK HIP HOP //
what you say huh?” “naw my panties wet already if I get sweaty stuff happens stop //
oh stop enough rapping, you can become aroused in my house be my spouse //
no MICKEY MOUSE allowed, I'll be proud to carry you over the threshold blouse //
my boots first you cute and I thirst for your body boo my life soar with swell bling //
it like a doorbell rang and woke me up I hope for luck” “no not so fast already //
got a man I can't ditch but may plan to switch at a later date, and them petty //
love words don't get me into the swing of things jest cling to my ways these //
days, trees sways when the wind blow and then they grow my body in hot degrees //
so hey throw in the bed and try for pie so now we eye to eye and why you wanna //
knock the boots I'm shock oh cahoots don't need a brute love affair jest gonna //
skip out, legit and wise ready to criticize you came to git pies but misfit lies //
won't get you there, my cake soft like candies if I take off my panties you tries //
to get some a brown soul sister got so much to think about and my thing pink //
inside no doubt will make a boy scream and shout rose petals flies on the brink //
before I close my thighs and drink a sprite with ink write a love letter in the club //
or where ever, REMEMBER I WAS AT MT TRASHMORE with class galore in love //
Virginia Beach sitting in the park it's gitting dark in a mini-skirt , bra, sweaty //
brown thighs and round eyes know the sound of lies when I hear them BETTY //
CROCKER was everywhere because I had cake and boys come mad fake I'm in //
a bad mood with mad food for thought it's rude to get caught having sex grin //
is all a girl can do, so in this matter a kiss can scatter love in large potions //
I dodge oceans of wetness when I duck but then get stuck in bed with lotion //
on my legs and brown thighs, frown at lies they hit my eardrum facts flip a lot //
But to whom it may concern my opinion stay firm that this is BLACK HIPHOP //
and boys come with hot stuff but not enough to get me in bed so I sit in //
the park panties soaked, breasts poke lets hope a boy don't cum try win //
my love I'm vulnerable right now this boy drives up in a drop top takes //
a parking place looks over see my sparkling lace I'm hot my body jest bakes //
he looks at me my thighs crossed “girl your pies boss he tries to toss my salad //
to a lost balad played on the radio but like PLATO this gravity don't work so a pallet //
of love awaits, my lips red cake and when I have a headache take Excedrin to survive //
on the side of Mount Trashmore is EDWIN DRIVE now this BLACK HIPHOP strive //
to to be at the tiptop of everybody's list wow folks party with this keep stuff alive //
and well got a boss beat XPRESS CAR WASH across the street he toss heat and jive //
on my body jest by looking at my breasts and wanting a kiss, this scene is great //
a little because a lake in the middle of Mt TRASHMORE PARK but it's all cake //
cars pass boys go to bars fast and I'm convinced oh well and have a sense of smell //
my face is art and my lace is part of a beauty scheme got booty extreme and your //
duty it seem is to get me in bed and wet the the bedspread and there emotions soar //
right here at Mount Trashmore desire to flirt but too early for fireworks may require a Hertz to get away I'm alert if I stay he's probably gonna wanna have sex oh I'm so confuse can't doze off or snooze on this one, one kiss and I'm done, panties may drop because my candies already hot, a brown Soul Sister in VIRGINIA beach has so much to think about, my thighs open and lies stroking my eardrum I try to not hear none but some got through because this boo is wet is heck and I don't get to check my panties very often but juice has soften them, oh after all the funk rapping junk happen in MOUNT TRASHMORE Id have a wicked hunch that he wanna lick it a bunch and stick it in his lunch wanna do extreme damage to my cream sandwich which is a brown oreo, "aw boo you a sweet thing and the heat cling to underwear there's thunder down there I wonder where the lightning will strike your body beauty igniting my eyesight and your pies are right he jest kneel down and feel my brown thighs renown pies he pushed my skirt back and he blue hot air right through my panties I almost fell off the bench "oh my cum up you can't do that here "girl the lips on your thing are so phat and sincere I jumped up and left


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May 11, 2006

Wanna scream and express got extreme sex breasts must be clever //
that mess wit my mind it’s a test of time best I climb up and never //
Look back this is a shook act go to the book for facts got hot breasts //
To be sucked but my dress not up plus I’m bless with butt so I rest //
My case boys wanna finesse my lace my ears starting to clog I hear //
Barking dogs oh no it’s them boys making noise one boy lost a sincere //


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