Black Poetry : Life, Da Ultimate Drive-by

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    Life is the ultimate drive by,
    all my life do or die,
    feeling older than eye look,
    remembering when we grew up tough,
    playing double dutch and street football,
    youngster into strapped fellas,
    playing with guns for toys,
    selling crack to a relative of yours,
    i got weed for all the players,
    that's what the dealers be saying,
    while government sit back chilling and stack doe,
    hand and hand with the mafias,
    organized crime at the fullest,
    with the lawyers and judges playing chess,
    babies coming out more twisted than last times,
    believing tales that ain't there of people created as oppression,
    new slaves in process is a way of life,
    life is the ultimate drive by.

    How you stop the ultimate drive by?
    you can duck and dodge to run and hide,
    but we all gon die...
    i still see that elder man with his cane walking up the road,
    my sistah got scars to her face from that domestic fight in the night,
    my brother barely hanging on with an inked up face,
    he was crying just the other day on the run for his life,
    he got kids and a trifling female for back up,
    probably the main reason the other dude came out his house,
    blood stains on the pavement tells stories,
    i use to have gun too plus a vest for protection,
    until i learned about life...the ultimate drive by,
    you can duck and dodge to run and hide,
    but we all gon die so why not do you on a whole other level,
    cause you never know when you gotta go,
    ask my cousin she died a couple years ago,
    killed by another person named lover,
    left five babies behind while the ak-47 is sold again,
    man i really miss her on the real,
    my homie got life after case after case stacked,
    and some people still scared to be free,
    walking around sucking up to the master,
    imprisoned to the fullest and rather see a runaway slave fall,
    dayum we all sentenced life and the question still remains,
    when is your lease expected?

    Had to get my mindset made up righteously,
    away from the pastimes,
    every degree that you make it comes out as success,
    throughout life...
    Life is the ultimate drive by you can duck and dodge to run and hide,
    but we all gon die one way or the other depending on the situation,
    i'm still here for the youth tatted on my arm as full circle,
    steadily thinking i can save all of them with a dollar and a speech,
    dayum life be crazy sometime giving your all as a witness,
    that indeed life is the ultimate drive by...

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2