Black Poetry : Pitch mean the throw so he itch for a flow but could end up in a ditch yo if he don't drive right to survive the night he desire lace around a firepl


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May 11, 2006
Pitch mean the throw
so he itch for a flow
but could end up in a ditch yo
if he don't drive right
to survive the night
he desire lace
around a fireplace
which require the taste
of a farmer
saw a girl he was hoping to smash
but the bed was broken by a blast
I hope to shower with get lace
but dang he broke her flower vase
and blew his chance
he made a delirious decision
which led to a serious collision
with love emotions flew like pigeons
had conspicuous success
so delicious can't duck breasts
hard to prevail
against the guard rail
of HIP HOP it's a stale
trail, a rigorous flow
could lead to vigorous blow
best she duck her head
or end up stuck in bed
LOOK BOO” he wanna smash a plate
of fast cake
the task will be great
NAW PLAYER” I used cake
to confused a debate
and now boys wanna take
a plate home
and ate it alone
aw girl you got some
black sweaty thighs
and probably some sweaty pies
what color panties you're wearing?
“YOU DON'T KNOW do you? Caring
about underwear
when there is thunder down there
you want some and her panties
are hot a lot of the time candies
melt like M&M not in your hand
but in your mouth
it all begin in the house
and leaving sex hurts
wow even the experts
agree so many twerks
take place
for cake and lace
an event that combines
frequent rhymes
is a HIP HOP party
in flip flops sip barcardee
rum but this boy want some
sex real bad
the deal is mad
her panties in flames


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May 11, 2006
write pages
just to see a sight that amazes
so tonight on stages
with a broken microphone
and hoping to go home
now eating a cinnamon bun
spend BENJAMINS have fun
SEE A GIRL look boo you a sight
for sore eyes
need galore pies
plus I adore your thighs"
"OH stop that” she sighs
“my car parked on the curve
got some bizarre words
NAW PLAYER I think you
wanna unzip
and then you gonna let it rip
while my juicy coo-chee drip
have to duck that
or get stuck at
a crossroad
with a boss load
of love to spare
having a club affair
now this is Black Hip Hop
goes the weazel in VIRGINIA
BEACH hot and deft
but can't reach the top shelf
git props because I do it myself
“LOOK BOO get my hands on a chick
and show her my plans quick
then carry her off
if her skin very soft
maybe a dumb day
but gonna come away
with love, add on sex
it get mad and complex
“NAW PLAYER not a place for cattle
but my lace is rattle
what up with stampede
my panties damp indeed
my coo-chee wet through out
so Iet a lot of true clout
be thrown in my ear
at home it appear
boys be on my cell phone
calling and well known
for falling in love shown
many times
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May 11, 2006
many times, chances blown
a few seconds later the phone rang
it was a boy spoke strong slang
wanna come to my home and bang
at a time later
my stats blind the hater
hot hatred every winter
and like a dot matrix printer
out dated, want steak for dinner
pop goes the weasel at bars
and outside are hot diesel cars
slow and noisy, so look she's trusting
boys but hear a rustling
noise outside the door
probably a boy begging galore
my mind settle
fine and fettle
hale and hearty
a female at a party
love talk ignited my breasts
around invited guests
a boy write it best
by saying I love boo

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