Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Know How To Drive?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
You check the rearview briefly
keep focused on your destination
being careful to not be absent minded
watch your sides
those mirrors
make sure you got enough gas
and your headlights are not glossed over
to include windshield wiper total functional
cause making money pays
especially remember to change your oil and filter.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
See the mercenaries looking for fingerprinted dirty faded unwaxed not cultural recognized suspicious activity...
let your vehice be
about five years older than now
suspicion grows lightly
any older and you a target
plus do not let your vehicle be talked about from trapped ghetto and trailer park level
you resemble a target
by association
known linkage
you gotta business without contractor licensing plates or stickers at night or day
then your van or suv be suspicious than ever
so remember
mind your business
check your fliuds
and dont forget to pump yo brakes
when somebody else change into your lane quickly
as a matter of fact
stay two vehicle lengths behind.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Did you do your preventative maintenance checks and services?
Clean your vehicle
of dirt and debris
inside and out
sparkle clean
so your natual reflectors can be seen
and plus another psychology can be notified
that you might and indeed have a better organized drive ongoing
nonreligious too
always believe you can press the gas when times are needed to escape big gigantic accidents
depending on your make and model
the acceleration and braking power
to include the suspension being naturally aerodynamic
turn the volume of your music down low
to hear dem sirens blow
cause down here
people die every other week
and some are put in critical condition every other day and night
but you see how people are learning
to get along on the road
as everybody has a destination
to go to
exiting and entering
flash another vehicle in as courtesy
just like in England
the driving is almost impeccable!
buy your parts online
from a wholesaler in advance
keep the vehicle you own
pay it off
and focus on going from liability to asset.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
See if an ego does not know then it is okay...let them keep thinking how they thinking cause they do not know you or me. It will be tough to keep taking abuse but hey it is not like i have not taken abuse before righ? Being real is not easy even if you write it word for word and live yours word for word. Let them be the idiots as i come positively psychoactive va their negatively psychoactive. If i give a link about a truck driving company i am considering next week i betcha it is looked at as fake. Yup. And see that is the state of the world today. Fake seems real like cartoons to kids like sitcoms to adults. So when you minding your own business in your lane eyes peep wanting to know who you be and even listening to your music to figure out who you trying to be like when all along if you like im just listening to the sample or how the note got chopped or how the symphony within each section did their parts altogether or just for loud music to get their attention that eh i deliver from different types of restaurant not affliated with no major or minor company....imjust real. And see people wreck all the time down here seriously....many die down here too. And like i said on this site and others i ignore people totally i bring my literature onto the sites prewritten based on my life plus battling my last times and dark thoughts like the deepest psychology from back on the pyramid walls cause an ego possess all traits of limited knowledge and your memories trigger some while random events do. See i encounter people 24/7 via my Self Employment. I get downright irate and use the pen and pad to release including reading these setup newspapers and sometime seeing stories on the bar screens knowing good well i been to the pentagon and done seen it all on the real that i could withstand. Me and alot of other comrades did and you get blown away cause when you step outside you know the masses are under extreme control of the information out there. And you would be amazed who listens to which and what music artists too. But im glad i got connections in high and low places on the real and this truck driving thang is going too smooth. Got mo money today while easing into my next move which is Drivers Ed School. You tell how i post the literature im focused. How many ways can you be a multomillionaire? Endless....

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