Black Spirituality Religion : Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge

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    Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge

    A professor does not go to – the LKG class, teachers for LKG are
    Plenty arranged and professor – is not blamed with partiality.
    Even if God preaches true knowledge, - majority runs away.
    True knowledge mixed with lies – suits to the majority.
    Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge.

    Lower devotees fear even to – hear the true knowledge since
    Admission of truth even by mind – disturbs their efforts for goal.
    They like some false goal – projected as the highest true goal
    So that they can easily reach – highest false goal and satisfy.
    You want to become God, - serving God in human form and
    To become God by His grace – for not aspiring any fruit is difficult.
    Hanuman became God like that, - He is innocent to sacrifice so much,
    Easiest way is available and – He did not know that easiest way,
    Call awareness in you as God, - you have become God right now
    Without any trace of effort, - this satisfies the ignorant atheists.
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    Those who are considered top devotees or disciples to the King are usually more ready to hear the truth than those who are just beginning. Because this world is riddled with lies and deception, one can only take so much at a time as they are weaned to righteousness and truth. Once they have learned so much, that when the knowledge gets a bit heavier, because at a point, they should be ready for it.

    In faith to the Holy Anointed Son who sacrificed His body for our sins, we should be readying ourselves everyday to learn of the Teacher, because He has brought us much knowledge. In being prepared, we will obtain that which we were promised, which is eternal life to the Father and the Son, just as the Son showed us in His resurrection from the dead for our very redemption to the same. :)