Black Spirituality Religion : Approach to Me by devotees

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    Approach to Me by devotees

    In one minute you are believing Me as God. In the next minute you are treating Me as a human being possessed by God. In the next minute you decide that I am a partial incarnation of God. In the next minute your mind proposes that I am a devoted human being. In the next minute your intelligence decides that I am an ordinary human being with artificial devotion. In the next minute you conclude that I am a fraud. These states of your mind recycle again and again. Some devotees ask Me to inform them regarding their state in the spiritual journey (Sadhana). Which report I should give? Now I am declaring that I am the very Lord Dattatreya who came down to this earth to guide you in the spiritual path.

    Tell Me, how many of you can stand on this faith? I am observing your minds and decisions every minute continuously. In one minute you are very near to Me in the inner circle. After five minutes you are in a foreign country, which is very far! I am also changing My positions in every minute to suit to the conclusions of a devotee and I am simultaneously existing in different positions to suit to different devotees. I am dancing according to your dance. I am mad by speaking in various ways since you are mad in various ways. You are confusing yourselves and blame Me as if I am confusing all of you! When you are discouraged I encourage you by telling that you are My inner most and most dear a liberated soul. But when ego enters your mind and you become inactive, I will expose the reality. Now you blame Me that I am liar!