Black Spirituality Religion : God comes in human form based on the prayers of some top most devotees to give direct


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May 28, 2005
God comes in human form based on the prayers of some top most devotees to give direct experience

Suppose some parents requested the management of a school to provide a park for waiting. The management is capable of doing so and it is the earnest desire of some parents. Suppose, there are some parents who do not like the facility of the park. They should not object those parents who want to use the facility of the park. They should also not oppose the management in the construction of the park. It is the duty of the management to inform the availability of the park so that any parent who ever desires to use that facility can use it apart from those parents who requested for it. If this general information is not provided to all the parents, some may ask the management regarding their negligence in informing the parents. Similarly, God comes in human form based on the prayers of some top most devotees to give direct experience. Through the human body the experience is not only direct but also complete.

Such experience is not possible in the formless worship or in the worship of the statues. Such worship of formless God and statues is only a representative worship. It is just like worshipping the statue of the king and not the direct worship of the king. When you break a coconut near the statue, you can offer it by waving the hand and then eat it yourself. But when we break the coconut before the actual king, the king is fond of the pieces of coconut and will eat the entire coconut. When you want to avoid such inconvenience, you need not worship the human incarnation. You break the coconut before the statue and eat it yourself. But there is a fellow who wants to really offer the coconut to the king. He is pleased only when the king eats that coconut. He feels happy by seeing the happiness in the face of the king, while eating that coconut. What right you have to object such person? What right you have to object the king to come directly to eat that coconut for the happiness of a real devotee?
The Holy Anointed Son came in the flesh because this world needed His Light and the Father's Way. Yes, there were prayers concerning the Son, all in the Holy Spirit, but this was something ordained of the Father from of old.

The Son was destined to come in the flesh as a sacrifice for our sins, and light toward our salvation, and destined to rise again in the body in His resurrection from the dead to life eternal, to sit at the right hand of the Father. All we need to faith, holy works in keeping the commandments, and belief in His works, that none of these things he has given us, that is salvation, redemption, mercy, and love, will go in vain toward us. Blessings!


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