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    THE UNIVERSE: The Sun & Moon with the Catholic connections

    By Andre Austin

    The ancient Egyptians in their metaphors of mythology called the Universe the Sun & Moon.

    Ancient Greek writer Diodorus of Sicily, (80Bc-20BC), traveled to Egypt and wrote his Library of History. In Book 1:11 he reports:

    “Now the men of Egypt, they say, when ages ago they came into existence, as they looked up at the firmament and were struck with both awe and wonder at the nature of the Universe, conceived that two gods were both eternal and first, namely the sun and moon” p.37

    The Egyptians called the sun and moon by different names being applied to Osiris and Isis and Ra & Hathor as the body of the universe being composed of these parts.

    Some of the earliest known religious writing are to be found the so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead edited by E.A Wallis Budge reports:

    “The male Cat is Ra himself” p.287

    Ra was the Sun and Hathor was the moon when combined is Cat-Hathor which is similar to the word Catholic which means Universal. We have Universe=Cat and Hathor and Universal=Catholic.

    When puns and plagiarisms are deployed scribes and mimics never transfer names, concepts exactly like a Xerox machine because that would take all the fun out of the courtships of comparative theologies. But when we combine these facts, with other mountains of circumstantial evidence, it goes down in the history books for a competitive plausibility of borrowing and or theft without recognition of the creators of the original thought.

    This is why you are the judge, with the gold and silver keys, to decide for yourself.