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    By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Book review by Andre Austin

    A black dude named Tyson dominates in the field of Astrophysicists while we in the black community expect a man by that last name of Tyson to only dominate in boxing. It’s time for us to start dominating in the Mind and in the Body.

    Tyson using the Frank Drake Equation says “we might expect to find up to a hundred civilizations in the galaxy communicating with a radio” ( p.167). In the inner city all we hear from a Drake on the radio is the superstar R& B singer Drake, but we never heard of the Drake Equation. We the former slaves have risen up to dominate the music and sports arena to be the envy of the Universe. And if those aliens have their Antennas up maybe they can boogie on down to our beat to from the shores of America.

    Tyson doesn’t believe that those Aliens have had a touchdown on earth because they are or were the most shyest people around. Everybody has a cell phone, and the police are upset because their virtual “pic-nic” on us has run it course, and no ET’s have been spotted on a smart phone yet!

    The orthodox Egyptologist can’t believe the ancient Egyptians used Pi and or the Golden section to help construct their Wonder of the world so they credit aliens with no evidence. The ancient Egyptians their ancestors came from Ethiopia and before that the stars of Sirius and Orion. Comedians like Sinbad says the government has some of these black aliens at Area 51. Because of racism we can’t see these black Aliens (LoL).

    All I know is that we must get into harmony our minds and body before we sink as a race into the gravitational pull of darkness. Our black historians and scholars must start linking up their lectures with science and math and come up with an equation to break free of our colonization; which breaks away from thinking U.F.O will save us by ourselves. So I came up with our own equation. (U+O=F) which means when translated Unity and Organization =Freedom.

    They claim that historically the first two branches of mathematics were arithmetic and geometry; both originated at about the same time in Egypt and Babylonia. Not according to ancient Historians like Herodotus who reports the Egyptians invented writing, math, the calendar, geometry and passed it on to the Greeks and everybody else. In this information age there is no reason for us to regain it back, master it, organize it to serve us in our pursuit of freedom and Hapi-ness (property/Land). We just need to pay as much attention to Tyson and Drake to their opposite Tyson & Drake. We will replicate all what the ancient Egyptians did step by step