Chief Elder Osiris : Thank you, Elder Osirus

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    Hotep. I just want to thank you for your EN-LIGHTening threads. I think some of the board members are not taking full advantage of this DISCUSSION(?) by offering you feedback on your well put together posts. I hope it's not because of the REVOLUTIONARY principles you present, which is necessary for Afrikan survival. Hail to the Chief! :flamet: BABYLON
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    Thank You Wise One

    Hoteph Wise Warrior:

    My beloved, it is very apparent that only the true seekers of the lost knowledge concerning ourselves will be willing to Condemn the Lie and Elevate the truth.

    I rather think that there are many such as yourself who feast upon the knowledge of Truth as now being revealed to those of us who are willing to heed the instruction of our most primeveal African Ancestors, which is, Black Warrior, Know Thy Self.

    Such is the key that open the door to our Resurrection. Stay strong Black Warrior and stay focus but above all, learn again from whence our help come and such help will teach you where your Freedom Reside.

    My Love and My Thoughts now weave a Mental Fence around you for your protection. Know this my strong Warrior and go and Condemn the Lie and Elevate the Truth about those whose history hold nothing but evil and abuse toward the Black African Nation, the Real and true Children of the gods, who have lost our way, away from the path of Truth and Reality.

    I remain available to you, One who recognize that which is True.

    Much Love To You