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Jan 3, 2002
Beloved Kcamm23063:

Beloved, let me say that you have my Love and unquestionable Respect, and it is because I know the meaning and Power of the Black Divine Womb Gender.

Now with that said, it is obvious you have yet to fully understand the information I share with Black People on this Internet, you accuse me with condemnation for only revealing the Divine truth concerning Obama, you see I make a distinct difference in being Afrikan and being Divinely Black, as you should know by now, the former has no respect for the Divine truth and the latter Respect and reveal the Divine Truth concerning Black folks condition and position in the world and what you are doing my dear, is settling for the illusion of Truth instead of seeking and being qualified to recognize the Divine truth, so what you do, you make an Afrikan assessment of my Action and because it does not flow in accordance to the majority of Afrikans behavior toward Obama, you condemn my Unique separation from the Norm of attitude and behavior we Afrikans have been conditioned to express toward that which the oppressors appear to approve as being acceptable by them, about us Black so call afrikans.

I have no animosity toward Obama and all I have shared about the attitude and behavior concerning Obama is Divinely truth and because of what I share concerning Obama and it conflict with the Norm of Afrikan Americans behavior, you conclude that I am against Obama, not so beloved, because it is not I that is revealing the accurate display of Obama Attitude and behavior, but it is the Divine truth and that is what is making you my dear, so uneasy with me, and that information which I share.

Now, if Obama was really Proud of his Black Heritage meaning his Father, he would not be out claiming he does not See what he Really can be, which is, not afrikan but Black, and to be Divinely Black does not prompt you to deny Self in favor of running for an office in America that is of the Highest Political Position which require for whomever so aspire for that position must first meet a Litmus Test given by those that make the final decision about who will occupy that office of President of America and it most certainly is not the Afrikan Americans.

So you see beloved, we Children of a Black Lineage with a Divine Mind, meaning one who Think in Harmony, Order, and Balance concerning the status of the Black World in this Evil World, a status which will cause you not to be proud of your Black status in the world today and it is your Blackness that will not be accepted by White folks, nor will your Blackness guide you to aspire for the most powerful political office in America, because the Divine Black Being know that such an ambition come with a serious price, which is to deny your Blackness and it is your Blackness that will not allow you to first take care of the most aggravating Problem facing the Divine Black Being, which is Afrika, and the state of condition of the Black World, so to Run for these White folks office for President, first require that you Deny your Blackness, is that not what Obama has done ? I am speaking about in Practice ..

The problem with the Afrikan American and the Afrikan Human Being in Afrika, is that neither know whom they are, so you end up condemning those Black Divine Beings, they who do know whom they are, and when you are in possession of such Knowledge of self, you are moved to reveal all Lies and act of Deception that fuel the Ignorance of the so call Afrikans continuously, and it is such an action portrayed by the so call Afrikans, that maintain the Ignorance and Division of a Black confused Afrikan American and Afrikan Human Being in Afrika as well, Thus the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

So my dear, if I was one which conform to the conditioning by the oppressors of Black People, then I would be saying the things that move you with irrational emotion and I would have your approval but because I speak that which is Divinely Revealed to, not Afrikan, but Black Beings, cause you to state about that I speak, to be in opposition of Obama, when in fact I have stated that I support Obama, but that does not mean I must refrain from speaking the Divine Truth concerning Obama Political behavior, which he is so vividly displaying, that is in approval to White Folks first, and then you Afrikan Americans follow your oppressors lead and then you sum up White Folks action toward Obama, as if it is a Miracle that has come from the act of God, yet I must point out the fallacy in such a belief by the evidence of way you have responded to the Divine Truth I share, concerning this Obama episode, so you see beloved, it is the Divine Truth that reveal all Lies and acts of Deception, I am just the instrument through which it Flow.

Beloved, I am really being easy in my Revelation about Obama and I do so because I know how fixated with Hope that the Afrikan Americans of the Rank and File of Black People are, toward Obama, it all because of the cause for such a perception of Obama, caused by the Lies and act of Deception of the so call Middle Class Afrikan Americans portray of him to the Lower Working Class of Black so call Afrikans in America, and such a deception that goes out to our people concerning that Obama will be able to bring liberating Change to their Lives , such is the highest act of disorder of Evil that can be portrayed against Black so call Afrikan Americans.

The Divine Truth condemn without condition or the seeking of favor from a confused Afrikan, If Favor coming from the Confused Afrikan American was all the Black Divine Being sought after , then that would have been easy to come by, because all that the Afrikan American require from for the Black Nationalist, is to conform to the wishes and Hope of the Afrikan America, principles so constructed in the Mind of the Afrikan Americans by the White Racist Oppressors of Black People.

No beloved, I desire not to become a member of the Afrikan American Club, members that do not know the difference between being Afrikan and being Black, so no, Obams is not showing respect to his father Lineage because that is a lineage that flow from the Gene Helix of our Ancient First Way Black Ancestors, they being the goddess and gods of the Black Universal World.

All Divine Black Beings seek not anything from America but for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and such a Black Being carry the Divine Mind that is set in an Afrika Caste with only an Interest of causing the Reunification of the Black Divine Nation and to reclaim and gain control of that Land now referred to as Afrika.

Beloved I Love you and do know that I mean you no disrespect.

Be Strong and rise to become qualified to guide us Back into our Divinity, Black Queen Goddess, meaning our Divine mind, you are the Gender qualified to do so Beloved.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism. Repatriation/Reparation

Chief Osiris says: "So, who is Obama, who is that Man that can not see His father anymore, a Man that deny his Black Linage..."

Chief Osiris,

Obama is very much attached and close to his African grandmother and his African siblings, and other relatives. Where did you get the idea that he denies his "Black Linage?" It was his African father that abandoned him, not the other way around. Obama also has a Black wife, and of course Black children :0)

If Obama were not African-American, he would not be able to run for president. Also, if he doesn't play up to white folks, he can kiss his campaign "goodbye," because Black folks only make up about 1 percent of the vote - that is when they do vote. Whether Obama's ancestors traveled over here in the Middle Passage, or by jet, he's still a brotha.

Why are you so negative towards Black folks who make something out of their lives? And why are you so positive towards those who don't? Would you want your own children to be stagnated, or any of our youth to be stagnated? Sometimes I have a hard time trying to figure out where you're coming from. I still luv ya' though!



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