Chief Elder Osiris : Will Minister Farrakhan Meet With Chief Elder Osiris?

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    Will Minister Farrakhan Meet with Chief Elder Osiris Whom He know Very Well?

    If There Is Anybody Out There Who Read This Message And Can get It To Minister Farrakhan, This Time, Obligate You To do so.

    Will Minister Farrakhan Meet with Chief Elder Osiris Whom He know Very Well?

    This is an open Message to Honorable Minister Farrakhan, coming from Chief Elder Osiris, whom Minister Farrakhan Know very well.

    Beloved Minister Farrakhan, you once told me when I was visiting you in Chicago in the early 80's, and we were having Dinner before I was to Fly back to Orlando, Florida, where we had you there as my organization, The Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement guest many time.

    You my Brother, indicated to me at that Time, when I was informing you of my desire to become a member of the Nation Of Islam, and you denied my request, and here is the reason you gave me, which at the Time, I could not see as deep in me, what you saw in me.

    Here is your exact reply to my request and I quote: "You Reverend is a Spiritual man and God has other things for you to do, and you will not take what goes on in the higher echelon of the Religious Hierarchy".

    You were correct, my Brother.

    Since that Time my brother Farrakhan, I have come to see and also know me as you saw me before my Time of Divine spiritual ascension.

    Therefore, in this Turbulent Time today, as events are unfolding in the world at such a time of Enlightenment, and as I look over the Black Afrikan Mental Mind scape, I see no Leadership For the Black Nation, a Nation that has been torn asunder and is at this Time, in need of Nationalistic, Political, and Spiritual Guidance at this Time.

    You My brother, is being summon to have a summit with me, concerning what is happening in Northern Afrika and what is not happening in Sub-Sahara Afrika and America, among Black people.

    As I observe what the western world, including America, is about to do in Afrika, and my thoughts are not about the No Fly Zone action alone, and there is no so call Black Leadership voicing their mind on the world stage, as to whether they agree or disagree with what is taking place in the Black world and the World in general.

    Such abstinence of the Black Voice speaking on the world stage about what the world is doing to Afrika, thus black Afrikan people, verifies that Black people world wide is without Black Afrikan leadership, and that is a shame on those who pimp the Mind of Black Afrikan people, having the appearance of being Black.

    Today the world project Qaddafi as being the devil to the world, to the black world and the world in general, and the world is set to attack Afrika, Lybia in disguise, and yet Black Afrikan leadership remain silent, which is a clear indication that there today in this most challenging Time, is no Black Afrikan Leadership, and Black people will continue to suffer for the lack of Divine Guidance, which is not coming from those who make claim to be Black Afrikans Leaders.

    So I ask, is this attack on Afrika Libya an effort to protect the people in Afrika Libya, or is it a move to assassinate Qaddafi?

    Tell me, has the Black world been so well minded groomed, propaganda wise, to the point that the warmongers out to control and rearrange the world socially, Economically , Politically, Religiously, now feel comfortable to invade Afrika sovereignty?

    Well, in view of the events unfolding in and out from this world, I see this Time to be the Time for serious Minded Black Afrikans to forget the Trinity of Evil, which is vane Envy, Ego, Jealousy that keep Black people paralyzed from acting in our own interest, and come to see the need for this summit with Minister Farrakhan.

    This Message indicate that I have done what I am moved to do, because only I know why I am required to do divinely, so to accept or reject it, is of no offense to me.

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
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